Benefits of AI For Autonomous Cars
Wed, April 14, 2021

Benefits of AI For Autonomous Cars

AI is a game-changer toward the success of autonomous vehicles / Credits: metamorworks via Shutterstock


Artificial intelligence has played huge roles in the success of many innovations, and autonomous cars are one of them. For years, AI has been used to enable cars to navigate through traffic and handle complex situations. It has also become easier to ensure proper and safe driving with the technology. With that, it’s not surprising how AI would be a game-changer toward the success of autonomous vehicles. Here are some ways autonomous cars can benefit from AI:

1 - Monitoring the driver and user behavior

Smartphones are not the only devices that can monitor user behavior but also autonomous cars. According to Machine Design, an American trade magazine and online site serving the OEM engineering market, AI can predict and prescribe preferences based on user behavior. Some of the factors include seat position adjustment, mirror adjustment, regulating the air-conditioning, and songs to be played. These would help AI provide customized entertainment for drivers during travel. 

2 - AI for self-driving car safety

Safe driving is often compromised by several factors. But with autonomous cars, issues like this can be addressed. AI can be helpful in situations where drivers are prone to making human errors by analyzing data feeds across its sensors. It can be great in several areas such as emergency control of the vehicle, cross-traffic detection, syncing with traffic signals, breaking in cases of emergencies, and active monitoring of blind spots. 

As of now, there are several companies that are testing AI’s applicability in driving, including Waymo and Tesla. For instance, Waymo’s AI algorithms are fed with real-time data that are processed to produce control signals that are used to operate the car.

3 - Accurate feed for regulators and insurance companies

Autonomous cars release data that can be used to determine traffic violations and claims. It can also determine the driver’s behavior, which can be helpful to know the cost of insurance. Also, AI can be used for faster processing of claims in case of accidents.