AI in the Hiring Process
Fri, December 3, 2021

AI in the Hiring Process

Recruiters are using AI to advertise and attract potential applicants as well as predict candidates’ job performance / Credits: LeoWolfert via Shutterstock


Last year, recruiting-technology firm HireVue developed a system that uses artificial intelligence to assess candidates in job applications and interviews. The company had developed customized assessment algorithms that reflect the ideal traits for a particular role a client hopes to hire. This also predicts job candidates likely to succeed in a position. It claimed that the AI tool is more predictive of job performance than human interviewers conducting the same structured interviews.

During the process, the algorithm analyzes how candidates preselected questions in a recorded video interview. It would grade their verbal responses and facial movements. This is just one of the examples of how AI is increasingly being used to determine whether a job posting is advertised to a person. Tools like this can cut down on the effort recruiters need to expend to hire a job candidate. A 2018 survey showed that 67% of hiring managers said AI was saving them time.

However, experts are worried about tools like this because it can introduce bias, lack accountability, and transparency, and aren’t guaranteed to be accurate. Last year, lawyers at the Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC), a privacy rights nonprofit, filed a complaint against HireVue. It wanted the Federal Trade Commission to investigate the company for potential bias, inaccuracy, and lack of transparency. Aside from that, EPIC accused the recruiting-technology firm of engaging in “deceptive trade practices” since it claims it doesn’t use facial recognition. 

Nonetheless, AI is still an important tool in the hiring process. According to Vox, an American news and opinion website owned by Vox Media, recruiters are using AI to advertise and attract potential applicants as well as predict candidates’ job performance. “Just like with the rest of the world’s digital advertisement, AI is helping target who sees what job descriptions [and] who sees what job marketing,” Aaron Rieke, a managing director at Upturn, a DC-based nonprofit digital technology research group, said.