Does this Viral Egg-Peeling Trick Work?
Wed, April 21, 2021

Does this Viral Egg-Peeling Trick Work?


The internet is the place to be when you want to learn about various life hacks you’ve never heard of before. Sometimes, we even find these hacks in the unlikeliest of places. Twitter is one of these sites, always bringing different hacks onto the table that often astound and shock denizens of the internet. 

Last Christmas, it was that deceptively simple gift-wrapping technique. Now, it’s the challenge of peeling eggs that’s going to get due recognition from an egg-peeling hack that quickly went viral on Twitter. 

According to news website, the viral hack gained prominence through Rex Chapman’s post. He captioned the video by saying: “Apparently, I’ve been cracking open hard-boiled eggs wrong my entire life. Genius…”

In the video, an egg is placed inside a drinking glass, which is then filled with water. The glass is then shaken firmly for about five seconds. The assumption is this makes the eggshell loose and cracked enough that when it is slipped out of the glass, a gentle squeeze will make the shell simply slide off.

Because of the ease of the hack, many people began to try it and the results were of course hilarious. Some people claimed they didn’t even need to try it because they know “when I try this it won’t work for me,” one user wrote. 

Another said they tried the trick but that “there was eggshell stuck in the egg.” 


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People over at Today tried the hack, too, and they were unsuccessful as well that they suggested a different hack instead.


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Today's Aly Walanksy wrote: “After your boiled eggs have thoroughly cooled, place five or six in a small plastic container and add some water. Place the lid on the container and then gently shake the eggs back and forth, just until the shells break apart from the egg. Then simply slide off the loosened peel.”



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