How AI Is Transforming Mobile Tech
Fri, December 9, 2022

How AI Is Transforming Mobile Tech

Mobile technology can drastically improve with the help of AI / Photo Credit: LDprod via Shutterstock


Artificial intelligence has been providing us with endless opportunities and changes. As it entered mobile technology development, it has introduced various fascinating features such as voice commands, face recognition, image labeling, and many more. For the past years, we have seen how AI made mobile phones smarter and more intelligent. Manufacturers are able to develop more innovative apps to provide a better user experience.

Expect this trend to continue. This 2020, experts predict that there will be a large revolution in mobile technology to advance further the applications and services. Here are some ways that AI will improve mobile technology. 

Facial unlock systems – The facial unlock system is one of the most popular and used features of smartphones. It allows users to unlock their phones without typing anything as all they need is their face. However, there are some issues with this because it is sometimes difficult for the system to recognize the user when they are wearing spectacles or there are changes on their faces. As AI becomes more sophisticated, this issue will be addressed better.

The smartphone camera is getting better – A lot of us want to take photos and post them on our social media accounts. Thus, it’s important for us to get a great camera to satisfy our “aesthetic.” According to USM, a leading provider of technology solutions and services that help companies address risks associated with their information systems, AI and machine learning algorithms are being used by smartphone manufacturers and android app developers to detect the theme in the camera frame like food, landscape, fireworks, etc.

High app authentication – Users are becoming more cautious in protecting their devices and data. With the increasing sophistication of AI, a higher level of data security is also needed. AI and machine learning models are helping to reduce security problems by providing alerts to smartphone users about upcoming threats.