How AI and Automation Can Help Marketers
Thu, April 22, 2021

How AI and Automation Can Help Marketers

AI and automation can optimize ad spend / Credits: metamorworks via Shutterstock


Artificial intelligence plays an integral role in the marketing field. In recent years, AI has proven to be a powerful tool to address existing problems and issues within an industry. It can optimize ad spend while giving opportunity and time for marketing teams to flex their creative muscles and develop unique campaigns.

AI has been particularly important as marketers realize that traditional media planning isn’t effective in optimizing ad spend. A study conducted by media consultancy ID Comms revealed clients rate agencies as having delivered ‘below expectations’ across all of their core competencies. But, AI can change this. Or Shani, CEO of AI marketing platform Albert Technologies, believes that all paid digital media campaigns will be managed by marketers collaborating with autonomous AI by 2025. 

Shani stated that all the cognitive processes and all the decision making that marketers need to do can be provided by Albert. He clarified that AI would not replace anybody, instead, this technology can make ‘marketers champions again’. “I feel like the role of a marketer was lowered down to kind of a big data analyst and an execution person. Today CMOs are more worried about budgets than anything else,” Shani said. 

According to ClickZ, one of the largest digital marketing communities in the world today, AI platforms like Albert can assess the entire paid digital landscape to optimize and drive results by shifting budget strategically across channels. This task is impossible for a human team. This has resulted in a 20% increase in revenue at the most competitive time of the year (Black Friday). 

Marketers also discovered that AI can improve the ability of humans to do their job by combining machine learning technologies for processing and analyzing data at scale with technologies for automating and orchestrating planning and buying. Also, AI can help the brand team see enormous untapped opportunities in all channels in a campaign that humans might not see.