AI Predictions in Cybersecurity This 2020
Mon, November 29, 2021

AI Predictions in Cybersecurity This 2020

A recent report projected that 63% of organizations will deploy AI in 2020 to improve cybersecurity / Credits: Den Rise via Shutterstock


With the increasing efficiency brought by artificial intelligence, the number of attacks that users and companies receive in their devices and operations rises. This is where the role of cybersecurity comes in: to keep our devices and information protected and secured. This 2020, the use of cybersecurity will become more evident than ever.

A recent report from Capgemini SE, a French multinational corporation that provides consulting, technology, professional, and outsourcing services, predicted that 63% of organizations will deploy AI in 2020 to improve cybersecurity. AI and machine learning are predicted to not only enable asset management improvements but also deliver exponential gains in IT security. Nicko van Someren, Ph.D. and Chief Technology Officer at Absolute Software, stated that it’s important to keep machines up to date for security purposes. 

“Knowing what devices should be on my network is an IT management problem, but it has a security outcome. And knowing what’s going on and what processes are running and what are consuming network bandwidth is an IT management problem, but it’s a security outcome,” Someren said. 

Unfortunately, cybercriminals will continue to use AI to analyze defense mechanisms and simulate behavioral patterns to bypass security controls. They will use analytics and machine learning to hack companies. Dr. Torsten George, Cybersecurity Evangelist at Centrify, predicted that hackers will increase their use and sophistication of AI algorithms to analyze the defense mechanisms of organizations. They will use this to tailor attacks to specific weak areas. 

According to Business2Community, a business community website that covers breaking news and top trends, AI will become more prevalent this 2020. Josh Johnston, Director of AI at Kount, predicted that users will start caring about their data. For instance, they will realize that passwords are not providing enough account protection or that every account is vulnerable to cyberhackers. 

“AI can recognize a returning user. AI will be key in protecting the entire customer journey, from account creation to account takeover, to a payment transaction. And, AI will allow businesses to establish a relationship with their account holders that are protected by more than just a password,” Johnston added.