Why the Enterprise Industry Should Adopt AI in 2020
Thu, April 22, 2021

Why the Enterprise Industry Should Adopt AI in 2020

The enterprise industry will focus on how AI-based products would become more adoptable this 2020 / Credits: metamorworks via Shutterstock


The enterprise industry is one of the many sectors investing in artificial intelligence. It has been proven that AI can increase efficiency in all aspects of the business, which drives profitability more. While reports state that it will adopt AI to improve businesses and user experience, the enterprise industry is adopting AI at a much slower pace than expected.

According to CMSWire, an online site that covers the digital customer experience, martech, digital workplace, and information management sectors, one of the reasons why the industry is hesitant to adopt AI into their businesses is because they fear that implementation might go wrong. This is an important factor because the cost of the risk of any wrong implementation or decision is much higher than consumer use cases. This could lead to revenue loss. Nonetheless, we would still be seeing how enterprises adopt AI.

This year, the industry will focus on how AI-based products would become more adoptable. One solution for this is to make AI understandable for everyone, which means addressing the “black box” problem that it is facing. While many of us know what AI can do, it is often unclear how it makes certain conclusions. Also, experts are working to make AI more accountable, empathic, and more ethical. These factors are expected to drive AI to success.

At the same time, experts are improving AI to make more human-like decisions by feeding it with more data. Today, humans are in-charge of 80% of decision-making while AI is in-charge of the remaining 20%. In the future, AI aims to cover 80% of decision-making while humans handle the remaining 20%. 

It is expected that this 2020, enterprises would make a clear drive to better address the human emotions and interactions to improve AI adoption. This also means embracing the changes that AI brings in businesses to drive business efficiency and provide better customer experiences.