AI Both As a Security Solution and Weapons for Hackers
Thu, September 29, 2022

AI Both As a Security Solution and Weapons for Hackers

AI can be used to protect and secure our data while being a weapon for cybercriminals. / Photo Credits: Zapp2Photo via Shutterstock


Artificial intelligence is currently being used to protect and secure our data. With the increasing cybercrime incidents across industries, AI is extremely needed to make sure that our information is not exploited. For instance, AI and machine learning can be effective in identifying phishing emails, which is particularly important since most hackers prefer emails to spread malicious links and attachments.

Symantec, an American software company, reported that 54.6% of received email messages are spam and may contain malicious attachments or links. AI can fight this by performing in-depth inspections on links. At the same time, anti-phishing tools can detect phishing signs and identify suspicious activities in all the features of the sender, including attachments, links, message bodies, and more. 

According to CISO Mag, an online publication to keep you abreast of the latest happenings in information security, AI can also be used by organizations to model and monitor the behavior of system users. This aims to monitor the interactions between a system and users in identifying attacks. These attacks can commit different types of cybercrimes. With AI, users can detect unusual behavior as anomalies. The technology can also be used to detect the unusual activity patterns and respond through alerting system admins of the changes or locking out the user. 

However, AI can also be used to help cybercriminals. Hackers are increasingly using AI to weaponize malware and attacks. For instance, AI is being used to conceal malicious codes in benign applications, maximizing the impacts of cybercrimes. The technology can also exploit unmitigated vulnerabilities leading to an increased likelihood of fully compromised targets. 

At the same time, cybercriminals are using AI-enabled malware programs to automatically learn the computation environment of a company, preferred communication protocols, patch update lifecycle, and when the systems are least protected.

Additionally, AI technologies are being used to create adaptable attacks and intelligent malware programs. While the first attempts might fail, this had guaranteed that subsequent attacks would be successful.