AI Technology Can Save Soldiers in Battle
Fri, December 9, 2022

AI Technology Can Save Soldiers in Battle

AI instantly informs or guides soldiers who are caught in the crossfire in only a matter of milliseconds / Photo Credit: 7th Army Training Command's photostream via Flickr


Artificial intelligence on the battlefield has been changing the way battles are fought. With AI, machines are able to process new data, perform human-like tasks, and learn from experiences. However, there are still several challenges that infantry soldiers face when they go to battle. This includes getting information about whether or not houses/rooms are already cleared. It’s not easy to know where the enemies are located.

Fortunately, AI can help there as well. According to Fox News, an American conservative cable television news channel, AI-enabled computer programs can instantly identify threats such as weapons and affiliations using real-time analytics on drone feeds and other fast-moving sources of information. At the same time, AI-empowered computer algorithms can instantly inform or guide soldiers who are caught in the crossfire in only a matter of milliseconds. 

Even army scientists and experts from other industries believe that AI can improve a soldier’s decision-making process. Currently, the Army is currently working on AI-enabled technical systems that can instantly inform humans operating in the role of command and control. They call this overall process “Soldier as a System,” which uses algorithms to seamlessly integrate disconnected nodes operated by soldiers. 

“The use of autonomy will assist in assimilating data from these various systems and quickly provide useful options to command decision-makers including individual soldiers. Over time, more and more new intelligent technologies will be introduced,” said J. Corde Lane, Ph.D., director of the Human Research and Engineering Directorate, CCDC-Army Research Laboratory. 

Also, using various applications of autonomy and AI in creating instant information-sharing in war can change the tactical and strategic circumstances confronted by individual soldiers. As of now, the Army is planning to create more technologies and innovations. For instance, Booz Allen Hamilton, an American management and information technology consulting firm, is currently working on “Digital Soldier,” an AI system that can better connect soldier technologies in war.

“We have created some algorithms that can recognize a human in a video feed and recognize the action they are taking. We can see someone who has raised a weapon and immediately cue a heads-up display or drone flying in the area,” explained Joel Dillon, vice president of soldier solutions at Booz Allen Hamilton.