Excited for CES 2020? Here Are the Robots You Will Meet
Mon, November 29, 2021

Excited for CES 2020? Here Are the Robots You Will Meet

Katie Collins and her colleagues at CNET expected to see a variety of robots at the CES 2020 / Photo Credit: yvasa (via Shutterstock)


Katie Collins of technology and consumer electronics CNET wrote that the outlet traveled to Nevada for the annual tech bonanza CES. They expected to be welcomed by new TVs, eccentric gadgets, and robots when her team arrived in Las Vegas. Though it may take years before robots outnumber humans at the show, more and more robots are present every year. Robots have become more advanced, more diverse, and more affordable in the last decade. They have played an important role at home or at the workplace, providing us a glimpse of how humans and robots will coexist and work.

Collins and her colleagues were more likely to see a broad range of robots on full display. Some of the CES Innovation Awards nominees include the latest Roomba robot vacuum cleaner, an e-sports fighting robot, and the Groove’s X’s huggable companion robot Lovot. Omron’s ping-pong-playing robot Forpheus and Lora DiCarlo’s sex toy Ose will be back for the show. Here are some of the robots Collins and her team at CNET are excited to see at CES together in the future. 

Seattle-based firm Picnic’s pizza-assembly robot will be brought to the Las Vegas Convention Center. The company’s robot can produce up to 300 12-inch personalized pizzas in one hour. It is already making pizzas at T-Mobile Park in Seattle. In the future, this technology could be leveraged to make other dishes such as tortillas, bowls, buns, and plates. But for now, Picnic is focused on pizzas and CNET will bring their best taste testers during the event. 

There will also be cute robotic pets at CES. These robots are designed either as toys or as companions. One such example is Sony’s Aibo, the robotic dog. But there will be more robotic pets that will rival Aibo. There will also be robots for pets such as the LavvieBot smart litter tray for cats and Mia, a robot that will play with your feline or pooch and provide dry food and treats. 

Another trend that will be touched upon at CES is using robots for good. A series of talks and discussions will tackle how robots are helping humans, as well as the role they play in saving lives and the planet.