Trump Supporters Have Mistakenly Trended a Misspelled Hashtag and It’s Hilarious 
Thu, October 21, 2021

Trump Supporters Have Mistakenly Trended a Misspelled Hashtag and It’s Hilarious 


It’s easy for hilarious moments on Twitter to go viral almost instantly. Get enough people interested in the same thing for even a short period of time, then they’ll talk about it for even longer. That’s exactly what happened with a hashtag gone wrong, which caught some steam after so many Trump supporters mistakenly tweeted the tag without checking the spelling. 

Everyone knows Republicans would love nothing more than for President Donald Trump to run for president one more time and enter his second term, and the way they wanted to advocate for that term is, of course, through social media. 

So, they started a hashtag. 

According to a report by Huffington Post, an American news and opinion website, someone must have botched the spelling along the way because when it did go viral, people couldn’t help but notice that a letter on the hashtag was missing. 

Believed to have begun last December 8, it only really gained traction recently and, from observation, probably not for the right reasons. 

The hashtag is #TRUMP2020Landside, which looks pretty easy to understand just from a glance but look closely and you see a lack of oversight from whoever wrote this hashtag. Even then, so many have already used the hashtag without realizing the typo. Dan Scavino, the White House social media director himself, was not safe from the erroneous hashtag, tweeting under it himself on December 15. 


Photo Credit via Dan Scavino on Twitter


Perhaps because Scavino tweeted it, it gave incentive for other Republicans to follow along, still with no one realizing the typo. 

It was followed by ironic tweets from those who had realized the mistake, poking fun at the hashtag.


Photo Credit via Delilia O’Malley and @CottonLovepup on Twitter


Delilia O’Malley hilariously used the tweet and wrote out her own contribution under the hashtag, saying:, “Nothing says Trump supporter like misspelling a hashtag.” 

Another even made a pun out of the hashtag, writing, “#TRUMP2020Landside is that the opposite of #Trump2020SeaSide?” 



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