Viral Wrapping Hack Makes People Rethink Their Gift-Wrapping Skills 
Sun, April 18, 2021

Viral Wrapping Hack Makes People Rethink Their Gift-Wrapping Skills 


Every once in a while, we see a hack on Twitter or on Facebook Watch that might make us rethink everything we’ve known all our lives, and this embarrassingly simple gift-wrapping had people scratching their heads. 

In a report by The Cut, a women’s website, the hack has made rounds on social media after British book retailer Waterstones posted an informative video on Twitter about hacks on how to wrap your gifts. 


Photo Credit via Waterstones on Twitter


Posted on Monday morning, the post went viral almost instantly with its clever and ingenious, amassing 15 million views and 25,000 retweets. 103,000 have also liked it and 26,500 have talked about it. 

The video itself was actually just 7 seconds long, but the hack was so shockingly simple so many people felt the need to talk about it. In the video, there is a rectangular box and what appears to be a limited amount of wrapping paper. 

Usually, people would wrap the present horizontally and account for the missed wrapping paper by just sticking a few strips in. In this new hack, you won’t even need additional wrapping paper. The hack encourages people to just rotate the box diagonally and then fold the wrapping paper around it. 

The responses, of course, are also a fun to see. Sam Copeland, a bookseller for 3 years, commented on the video, lamenting the years he’s spent as a bookseller without knowing of the hack. A fellow bookseller replied to him, writing “Same. I’m mortified.” Some simply hilariously posted GIF memes illustrated their surprise, and for such a shockingly simple hack, the expressions are very accurate. 


Photo Credit via Sam Copeland, Nina, and DeAnna on Twitter


Another user who had obviously finished wrapping their Christmas presents wrote: 

“I JUST finished wrapping yesterday and cannot tell you how many times I got stuck with this problem. I’m a lil mad right now.” 



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