Man’s Spinach-Filled Turkey Sandwich Goes Viral
Thu, April 22, 2021

Man’s Spinach-Filled Turkey Sandwich Goes Viral


Save for those of us who have committed themselves to a meatless existence, everyone loves a good turkey sandwich. However, a man on Twitter just proved that sometimes, not everything goes with turkey. 


In a post on Twitter, Josh Gondelman wrote: 


“I don’t know what message she’s trying to send, but the lady at my bodega snuck an entire salad into my turkey sandwich.” 


Photo Credit via Josh Gondelman on Twitter


The viral sandwich, which was already reported by media outlets, also landed on, a website that offers recipes, party food, cooking guides, and dinner ideas. According to Delish, Josh Gondelman is a producer on Showtime’s Desus and Mero, a well-known TV presenting duo. 


Gondelman’s turkey sandwich made the rounds on social media recently for its bizarre contents, because while there is turkey in the sandwich -- not to mention some scrumptious avocados -- there is also a ton of spinach squeezed in the middle. 


When he shared the image on his Twitter, it garnered the attention of thousands of people. The sandwich has already racked up 93,000 likes, 6,900 retweets, and 9,200 comments. Many people generally expressed their confusion while others announced that they refused to acknowledge the sandwich. 


Kalila Holt, writer and radio producer for Gimlet’s “Heavyweight,” wrote: 


“I refuse to believe this is a real photograph.” 


Photo Credit via Kalila Holt, Jessica Valenti, Phill Hunt, and Donni Saphire on Twitter


Jessica Valenti, a Medium columnist, said that she is “so upset” about the sandwich, while Twitter user Phill Hunt said, “We’re gonna need a video of you attempting to eat this.”  


Comedian and writer Donni Saphire, however, was not afraid to go against the tide saying, “Unpopular opinion: That looks good as hell.” 


In the end, though, Gondelman also ate the spinach, responding to one commenter to say that he separated most of the spinach from the bread and ate it like a spinach salad on the side. That’s like eating two dishes for the price of one -- and the side is even healthier! 



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