Controversial Peloton Ad Model Says Her Worried Expression Might Just Be Because of Her Face 
Thu, October 21, 2021

Controversial Peloton Ad Model Says Her Worried Expression Might Just Be Because of Her Face 


Peloton was under fire recently for releasing a tone-deaf ad. It was hilarious and a little surreal as well, but most people really nitpicked on the facial expression of the actress in the commercial.

According to news organization NBC News, the actress recently went on the “Today” show, a daily live broadcast, to explain the expression she made that worried so many people to the point of hilarity. 

On the interview, which occurred on Thursday, her response to her involvement in the commercial was simple and understandable. When asked about her facial expression, actress Monica Ruiz reasoned that there probably is no other way to explain her facial expression other than it is just what she looks like. 


Photo Credit via TODAY Show


She explained that, surreal commercial aside, she felt that her eyebrows “look worried” and “scared,” and that is true for anyone who’s seen the commercial. 

Because of how fast the video went viral, “Today” also asked Ruiz what she thought about the reaction and eventual backlash that even supposedly tore at Peloton’s stock performance. Ruiz didn’t attribute the backlash attached to the commercial too of much anything, saying instead that she thinks part of it was just because of the way she looked. 

“I’m telling you it was my face, that was the problem, and it just exploded from there,” she explained. 

Interestingly, Ruiz seemed very enthusiastic when she was later invited by Aviation Gin, a liquor brand owned by actor Ryan Reynolds, to act in a commercial that mocked Peloton’s controversial ad directly. 


Photo Credit via Business Insider 


Ruiz did clear that when she took the project, she did not want to make it seem like she was mocking her work with Peloton. She clarified that she actually enjoyed working with Peloton and even called it an “amazing experience.” But she also said that she took on the Aviation Gin commercial because she saw it as “an idea that was just taking the air out of the situation.”



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