This Dad Lecturing His Dog Is Surprisingly One of the Most Relatable Pet Parent Videos on Twitter 
Tue, April 20, 2021

This Dad Lecturing His Dog Is Surprisingly One of the Most Relatable Pet Parent Videos on Twitter 


Twitter is a steady source for getting a glimpse into the lives of everyday people. It’s filled with relatable tweets and threads that sometimes even get turned into movies. 


While it isn’t “Zola,” the widely-popular stripper thread turned movie entry for Sundance, a dad went viral very quickly when a video of him lecturing a misbehaving dog went viral -- and people were prompted to share similar moments with their beloved canine companions. 


Photo Credit via Anurak Ponapatimet


According to a report by Junkee, an Australian pop culture website, the video has now amassed a total of 5.5 million views, 127,000 retweets, and 468,000 likes.


Another user shared a video of her aunt talking to her boxer “just like one of her kids.” In the video, the dog, whose name is Peyton Barack Reynolds, gets scolded for digging through the trash for dad’s leftover barbeque. The clip was only about two minutes and a half long but it was enough to entertain the many commenters as well. 


Other pet owners shared their own videos, with user Mally Mall showing a video of his very guilty dog trying to flee the scene of the crime where he ate a meal on the counter. It can be seen and felt how guilty the dog is, which is exactly why Mally reasoned that “they know exactly what we say.” 


But what really happened before the lecturing in the first video? According to Kendall, the daughter of the father seen lecturing in the video, their dog Chelsea got out when she “started throwing a fit and pulled so hard that she got out of her collar.” 


After that, Chelsea went missing for about 20 minutes, and even though her father wasn’t there to witness what had happened, he got home and was “definitely more relieved than disappointed.” 


Photo Credit via Olena Kurashova


Chelsea still got told off, but netizens shared how much they appreciated that Kendall’s dad, Bradley France, chose to talk to Chelsea instead of yell at her for what she did. 



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