Adorable Pink Puppy Called “Piglet” Makes Netizens Swoon 
Sun, April 11, 2021

Adorable Pink Puppy Called “Piglet” Makes Netizens Swoon 


Born blind and deaf, if Piglet hadn’t been rescued by mom and veterinarian Melissa Shapiro, he wouldn’t have had a chance to live. 


His living situation at the time was also very dire, with Shapiro finding the dog huddled with his little siblings and mother in Georgia, in a hoarding house. The dog, which is a dachshund-chihuahua mix, was born the way it is thanks to its dapple-colored parents and it is this double-dapple pattern that is the reason Piglet is blind and deaf. 


Aside from his condition, his confidence was also not very good when he came home with Shapiro for the first time. According to the AOL article, Shapiro said in a People Magazine interview that Shapiro was wracked with terrible anxiety as a pup and would often “scream and cry constantly and couldn’t play with other dogs.” 


But none of that stopped Piglet from becoming a hit viral sensation on Instagram, with his @pinkpigletpuppy Instagram account already having 166,000 followers around the world. 


Photo Credit via @pinkpigletpuppy on Instagram 


His distinct pinkness has become his major source of popularity, but through the process, he has also become the face of a very important campaign for young students. 


According to the AOL report, Shapiro began involving Piglet in an advocacy when “she heard about a third-grade teacher who used Piglet as a model for a positive-growth mindset for students.”

Piglet may have been unfortunate to be born without the ability to hear or see, but his story has already inspired others who may have the same experience to be able to accept themselves as well. 


The positive-growth mindset program was then called the “Piglet Mindset Outreach” program, which “offers free lesson plans and stories that aim to teach children how to face challenges and work with what they have.” 


Photo Credit via @pinkpigletpuppy on Instagram 


Piglet has some merch, too, and if you buy some for yourself, the proceeds willgo to dog rescue programs around the US, helping hundreds of pups like Piglet! 



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