How Companies Use AI In Practice
Sat, April 10, 2021

How Companies Use AI In Practice

Alibaba uses natural language procession to generate product descriptions / Photo Credit: zhu difeng (via Shutterstock)


The world’s tech giants are in a race to become leaders in AI, trailblazing and embracing it to offer next-level services and products to consumers, wrote Bernard Marr of business news Forbes. For instance, Chinese company Alibaba leverages AI to streamline its operations and predict what its customers want to buy. Using natural language processing, Alibaba automatically generates product descriptions on its website. 

Another way it is using AI is in its City Brain project to establish smart cities. The project utilizes AI algorithms to reduce traffic jams by tracking each and every vehicle in the city. Further, Alibaba Cloud, the firm’s cloud computing division, helps farmers monitor crops to improve yield and minimize costs with AI. We also have Google. Google hinted its commitment to deep learning when it acquired DeepMind. The AlphaGo program managed to beat a professional Go player and learned how to play 49 different Atari games. Google also has another AI innovation called Google Duplex. An AI voice interface can make phone calls and set appointments for you using natural language processing. 

Baidu, the Chinese equivalent of Google, has a tool called Deep Voice. It uses AI and deep learning to clone a voice. What’s great about the tool is you only need 3.7 seconds of audio. Baidu employs this technology to develop a tool that reads books to you in the author’s voice. The process is automated, so recording studios are unnecessary. AI plays a fundamental role in Amazon’s daily operations. The e-commerce giant uses Ai to ship products (anticipatory shipping) to you before you even think about buying it. Amazon gathers volumes of data about each individual’s buying habits, allowing it to recommend products to customers and “predict what they need even before they need it” using predictive analysis. 

The Chinese version of Amazon,, leverages AI to fully automate its warehouses. Additionally, the company has been using drones to deliver packages for the last four years. drives the business’s future by leveraging big data, robotics, and AI, preparing itself for the 4th industrial revolution.