Hafod Hardware, A Family-Owned Store in Wales, Creates Adorable Ad with Two-Year-Old Son
Wed, April 21, 2021

Hafod Hardware, A Family-Owned Store in Wales, Creates Adorable Ad with Two-Year-Old Son


A small family-owned hardware store in a Welsh village is giving big commercials a run for their money with an ad for this coming Christmas. 


According to Cork Beo, a source for news, sports, and business, the ad featured little Arthur Lewis Jones, the two-year-old son of shop owners Tom and Laura Lewis. The ad starts off simple: little Arthur is seen getting out of his bed in the morning, brushing his teeth, and heading for their store. 


Once inside the story, he gets ready to stock up, sweeping before opening, and finally letting everyone know that the shop is ready for the day. Throughout the course of the two-minute ad, which was shot for less than €100, we see Arthur tending to more customers, arranging decorations, and finally, the plot twist at the end, turning into an older version of himself, which is, presumably, his dad Tom. 


Photo Credit via Hafod Hardware on YouTube


When asked about how the filming went with their son, Tom beamed with pride as he told Wales Online that: 


“He was so good. They say never work with animals of children but he was a joy -- I’m bursting with pride.” 


Since its upload, it has already been viewed 30,000 times since getting published on Monday morning. Its share count on Facebook has also reached the hundreds and Tom could not be any happier. 


The store has actually been in the family since 1895 and has since been passed down from generation to generation. 


Tom said that the reason he thinks the ad garnered the attention it did was precisely because of the strong family ties that connect the business. 


Photo Credit via Hafod Hardware on YouTube


“People always compare our videos to the likes of John Lewis and we try to get the same message across as the multi-million-pound adverts do,” he said. 



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