FBI Warns FaceApp, A Viral App, Could be Potentially Dangerous 
Mon, November 29, 2021

FBI Warns FaceApp, A Viral App, Could be Potentially Dangerous 


FaceApp took the world by storm when people eagerly took their carefully-taken selfies and aged them up to see themselves with silver hair and the whole nine yards of what elderly life might look like. And it was a big hit. In just a few hours, the app became flooded with pictures of teenagers and adults alike admiring the sagging skin and pockmarked faces they would eventually have. 


It was so big that for a time, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook feeds were overrun by artificial geriatrics, having a good laugh at what their twilight years may eventually bring them. 


Photo Credit via FaceApp


Then it all screeched to a halt, as all trends do, but the FBI raised questions about the reliability of the app because it appeared to them that, with the number of faces the app has undoubtedly recorded, it now poses a “potential counterintelligence threat.” 


In a report by Inc.com, an American business magazine, Democrat Senator Chuck Schumer of New York first became suspicious of the app when he learned that the developer of the app was Wireless Lab, a company that is based in Russia. 


To ensure the safety of his fellow Americans, Schumer took it upon himself to consult the FBI about the validity of this app, and if it, in any way, poses some kind of threat to us. The FBI’s answer is no surprise. 


“A warning to share with your family and friends: This year when millions were downloading FaceApp, I asked the FBI if the app was safe. Well, the FBI just responded. And they told me any app or product developed in Russia like FaceApp is a potential counterintelligence threat.” 


Photo Credit via Andrii Shevchuk 


FaceApp responded to Forbes to say that the company does not “sell or share any user data with any third parties.” 



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