Best VR Smartphone Games For You To Enjoy This Holiday
Fri, December 3, 2021

Best VR Smartphone Games For You To Enjoy This Holiday

Virtual reality is part of a revolutionary technology that is believed to bring the gaming and entertainment industry to its golden era. Before virtual reality, technology is just a part of sci-fi stories but recently, this dream came true as the global virtual reality and entertainment market reached USD 4.15 Billion in 2018. Fortune Business Insights, a website that offers expert corporate analysis and accurate data, mentioned that it is projected to reach USD 70.57 Billion by 2026. 


VR technology is created to allow the user to use their senses as they play to any other world beyond imagination. Other studies say that the use of this technology can help us understand how the human brain works. According to these studies, the brains do not create the same detailed map as in the real physical state. 


A lot of money is being invested in virtual reality gaming and entertainment since the companies are now looking for how helpful this technology for their brands and marketing strategy. The optical advances that are also parallel to the development in smart devices and other gadgets also allowed VR technology to become more accessible and popular to a wider population. 


Since there are a lot of gadgets that allow immersive gaming experience, here are the best VR apps that can be easily downloaded, using your smartphone or VR headset and equipment. 


For those users who have little kids around during the holidays, and wishes to have a better app to distract them from their sugar rush, you can download a VR app called Incell. BBC Science Focus, a British monthly magazine about science and technology, explained on their website that this VR app is a multi-colored action-racing game that takes place in a micro-world that recreates the anatomy of a human cell. 


This app is perfect for those who wish to have a little education on the side while playing with their smartphones. The players will ride along capillaries and connections as they take in inner space. Virtual reality will give the depth and scaling of the scenes which can make the whole experience worthwhile, plus it also has a very exciting soundtrack which is a perfect addition for your VR experience.




Available in Oculus Rift and Rift S, Twisted Pixel now provides a game called Defector. According to Tech Radar, an online publication focused on technology, the VR game is an intense spy action game for VR users. If you wish to take a role as an international spy, you can try this game. It looks like a Mission Impossible game compared to the actual games from the said franchise. 


The VR game takes about 4 to 5 hours, while one can probably spend another hour or two while choosing options on subsequent playthroughs. Upload VR, an American virtual reality-focused technology and media company, shared on their article that there is also a ‘Quickplay’ choice for the users to pick from the main menu, and it lets one jump directly to the branching point and skips the preamble of the level that’s always identical. Defector is available exclusively for Oculus Rift headsets for $19.99.


This VR game allows the player to enjoy the role of a cute little astronaut whose mission is to find and destroy asteroids or face certain death. WAA! is available for Android phones as it uses the focus control as a targeting device for launching homing missiles which work excitingly well. 

Vader Immortal 

In time for the release of the Rise of the Skywalker this December, Star Wars fan can have this VR app called Vader Immortal. This narrative-driven game puts the player face-to-face with Darth Vader, and it offers lightsaber training. It allows the user to be in-depth with the mystical depths of Mustafa. 


Vader Immortal Oculus Quest is a three-part series, which allows a player to step into a galaxy far, far away. This game will bring players into a mysterious fortress that will unlock new allies and encounter fearsome enemies including the Sith Lord himself. For the second episode, the players will be alongside Darth Vader as your guide, the Sith Lord himself will teach the user to perfect their lightsaber skills against terrifying new enemies. 

According to Oculus Blog, a website that provides the latest news about VR tech and apps, the third episode of Vader Immortal, will wrap up the journey of the player in Vader Immortal. Using an ancient lightsaber by your side, plus the Force as your ally, one will gain and launch an all-out assault on Darth Vader’s fortress. 


These VR apps will surely make your holiday more festive. You may also use this time to relax and be away from the holiday stress that everyone is feeling especially now that shopping during this season can be tedious and stressful. 



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