Top IoT Security Strategies From Experts
Fri, December 9, 2022

Top IoT Security Strategies From Experts

New technologies AI and 5G will have an impact on cybersecurity / Photo Credit: Andrey Suslov (via Shutterstock)


The ever-expanding attack surface of IoT makes it attractive for script kiddies and elite nation-state actors, said ELE Times, a news platform covering electronics, technology and the market. Addressing vulnerabilities are even made more complicated due to the shortage of qualified cybersecurity professionals and a confused hype around technologies that aim to safeguard an organization’s network. 

“This topic [around the cybersecurity skills gap seems to always be the number one thing people want to talk about with cybersecurity,” said Andrew Howard, Kudelski Security’s chief executive officer. The unemployment rate across nations is less than 4%. Hence, companies seeking to hire people “should ask which types of professionals can they likely attract in the short term” to help reduce cyber risk. To Howard, there’s not a shortage of experienced professionals. In his perspective, companies are struggling to find CISOs (chief information security officer) or lieutenants they can afford due to demand. 

The integration of IT and OT is vital in securing IoT. However, this can be daunting since cybersecurity is mainly the focus of IT professionals. But “OT security is in demand now,” Howard stated. Therefore, IT professionals who had careers in industrial fields are recommended to study traditional safety programs inherent in operational technologies. Sean Peasley, a Deloitte Risk and Financial Advisory partner and IoT security veteran, said IT security professionals whose duties transcend to operational technology are expected to employ the same mentality around security. They should also consider potential safety threats that may compromise connected devices in a factory or refinery. 

Organizations are ecstatic about new technologies such as AI and 5G. Howard is skeptical of the term AI. He said he personally struggles with AI, adding “just being able to differentiate what I would consider artificial intelligence, which is machines making independent decisions based on mathematical models versus just smarter software.” Deploying machine learning is still valuable in helping companies to anticipate a security breach. Hence, Peasley encouraged firms to embrace new technologies, incorporating them “with a secure by design approach,” which crosses over development and operations.