Ways AI Is Changing Advertising
Tue, April 20, 2021

Ways AI Is Changing Advertising

AI is known to write emotive TV scripts and target personalized ads to customers / Photo Credit: Zapp2Photo (via Shutterstock)


AI is changing the advertising industry as it is known for writing emotive TV scripts, targeting ads to customers, and utilizing facial recognition to recommend products based on a person’s preferences, said Shereta Williams of ClickZ, a digital marketing community and platform. AI helps marketing professionals do their jobs “with intelligence backed by solid data.” There are debates surrounding the use of AI and whether it violates privacy, but its potential to revolutionize advertising is something to be excited about. 

Digital teams at agencies were the first to incorporate machine learning and AI for automated bidding for digital ads. Now, addressable TV is enabled by machine learning, allowing digital marketers to deliver personalized ads to customers. These marketers aim to link with consumers who are more likely to connect with their message based on learned data. On the other hand, brands and websites employ AI to connect with consumers to “learn more about them and make smarter recommendations.” 

For media planners, AI can be used to aggregate various data sets from different channels, be it traditional or digital. Based on attribution data, AI will optimize and reoptimize allocations once data on internal (promotions, product launches) and external factors (seasons, trends) becomes more widely available across marketing campaigns. With AI-powered technology, media planners can focus on more high-value activities. 

For experiential designers and retailers, Bryan Pearson of business news source Forbes said facial recognition can be leveraged to recognize customers and recommend products they might be interested in buying based on what they’ve browsed during past “sessions,” as cited by Williams. Privacy and security are major concerns but AI may be employed to show certain products on digital displays. Further, AI can also be used to provide staff with customized suggestions for each shopper through eye-wear to help them make better decisions. 

Ad industry professionals are expected to stay curious about new and emerging technologies. They should also consider how such technologies will benefit the customer, as well as weighing the impacts of AI on customer privacy and data security.