NBA Works With GameOnTechnology to Launch AI Chatbot on Messenger
Thu, April 22, 2021

NBA Works With GameOnTechnology to Launch AI Chatbot on Messenger

The chatbot will enable the NBA to deliver personalized content to fans / Photo Credit: Oleksandr Osipov (via Shutterstock)


Simon Ogus of business news source Forbes reports that the National Basketball Association (NBA) announced a partnership with AI chatbot company GameOn Technology that will engage fans through Facebook Messenger to deliver highlights in-game. The NBA’s chatbot will present news updates as games unfold each evening. It will also deliver game previews, tailored news notifications, schedules, scoring alerts, and GIFs. Through the chatbot, NBA fans will finally have a personalized experience depending on their team and players. 

Coleen Kane, the director of Emerging Technology at the NBA, explained, “The NBA chatbot provides another way for NBA fans to engage with our league when it is convenient for them.” The NBA chatbot will be powered by GameOn’s ChatOS, the company’s proprietary development and integration platform. The platform was designed to deliver streamlined content via messaging and voice applications to brands, enabling them to deploy the content across their platforms in a way that is tailored to their customers. Or in this case, NBA fans. 

Kalin Stanojev, co-founder and chief product officer at GameOn, stated, “The NBA has worked tirelessly to expand its reach across borders and formats to make it widely accessible to more of the world.” The chatbot is the latest example of NBA’s efforts to expand how they connect with new and old fans alike in “innovative ways.” With that, fans have another format to engage with the NBA that is “mobile and flexible.” The chatbot also provides fans with more dynamic content and control over how they engage with the league. 

As new technologies enter into sports, more teams and leagues have realized the value of automated chat. For instance, a ticket office could have multiple fans sending inquiries about ticket prices or availability at any time of the day, even at night. Normally, the staff would answer the messages the following morning. But with chatbots, fans can immediately receive all the answers they need to commonly asked questions, allowing teams to “take advantage of a fan’s interest as it is happening.” 

Alex Beckman, co-founder and CEO of GameOn, said that the company will explore partnerships as fan consumption behaviors continue to shift and as brands find new ways to deliver content to them.