Autonomous Vehicle Technology Will Change Your Car's Interior
Wed, April 21, 2021

Autonomous Vehicle Technology Will Change Your Car's Interior

The interior of autonomous cars will be designed like a mobile living room / Photo Credit: Chesky (via Shuterstock)


The interiors of cars have remained the same, consisting of a driver’s seat, steering wheel, and driver-controlled power and brake mechanisms, wrote Andrew Poliak of business and financial news platform CNN Business. But autonomous cars will eliminate the need for a driver. Thus, self-driving vehicles can now be designed for a “new generation of driverless vehicle transportation.” There are safety concerns about self-driving cars but with an array of emerging and advanced technologies, autonomous vehicles will prove to be safer than vehicles with a human driver. 

With technological innovations, the automotive industry has plenty of opportunities to revolutionize the in-car experience. Soon, drivers will no longer have to keep their eyes on the road, and the vehicle’s interior will be designed in such a way that it will usher a new sense of freedom to socialize, conduct business, or be entertained. The idea here is to make the interiors of the autonomous vehicle look like a mobile living room. The windows, windshield, and the rooftop can act as displays by taking advantage of effects like 3D holograms to show dynamic visual content like details of an upcoming road construction work and detours. Augmented reality can display interactive games or present the history of the area the passenger is traveling through. 

Signs can also display on the windows to inform a rideshare traveler, “This ride is for Andrew" or, for traffic on a game day, "It's Game Day — go Seahawks!" The cabin interior can be designed with real stone or wood with a built-in interface, complete with touch controls and subtle lighting below the surface. Since there is no dashboard, passengers can access controls for their own travel experience, each with access to entertainment, comfort, and productivity. Seats can be rotated in a campfire fashion where passengers face each other for conversation and group interaction. The seat can also be swiveled away when one needs to attend a business call. 

On the other hand, 5G connectivity can deliver information to and from the vehicle. Through AI, the riding experience can become more productive, intuitive, and personalized. Autonomous cars can also suggest information such as local restaurants and attractions. With autonomous vehicles, passengers are assured of a safe, productive, and enjoyable journey.