A TikTok Critical of the Chinese Government’s Treatment of Uighur Muslims Went Viral -- And Was Taken Down
Wed, April 21, 2021

A TikTok Critical of the Chinese Government’s Treatment of Uighur Muslims Went Viral -- And Was Taken Down


Feroza Aziz has a message, one that she wants many people to hear about. Going viral may not have been what she was expecting, but that, and the fact that her video got taken down just a few hours from posting it, has only driven her message forward. 


Aziz, 17, is disillusioned and is truthfully just “a Muslim trying to spread awareness." Al Jazeera reports that the reason TikTok went after Aziz was because of the fact that she talked about China’s concentration camps where they detain thousands of innocent Uighur Muslims. 


What Feroza is talking about is the Chinese crackdown on Muslims in Xinjiang, whom they take into custody and throw into concentration camps. 


Photo Credit via @x_feroza on Twitter


Concerns about this have already arisen once before, and China has done its best to deny the existence of the camps, but recently they changed tact, saying that these camps were just “vocational training centers aimed at deterring attacks associated with Uighur separatism through language and cultural education and job training.” 


Obviously, Feroza wasn’t having any of that, detailing that in these concentration camps, Muslims were being severely mistreated, separated from families, even “forced to consume pork and alcohol, and convert to other religions.” 


After the video was taken down, Feroza went on to post on her Twitter account a screenshot of TikTok, a Chinese-owned company, saying that she had been suspended for breaking their community guidelines.


Photo Credit via @x_feroza on Twitter


Feroza had already been banned from TikTok once before for posting a video about Osama bin Laden. TikTok claims they took down the video in relation to terrorist organizations. This one, however, they deny that they took down at all, as they claimed that TikTok “does not moderate content due to political sensitivities.” 



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