Woman Creates Amazing Photoshoot Using Only a Flashlight and a Trash Can
Mon, April 19, 2021

Woman Creates Amazing Photoshoot Using Only a Flashlight and a Trash Can


It’s amazing what people can do with the right tools to help them out, or, maybe not exactly the right tools, but at least the best way to use them. 

We turn the spotlight on Instagram user Kihmnerlie, who served face fit for the Gods when she discovered an amazing hack that was both low budget and was still very glamorous. 

According to a report by Fox News, the 23-year-old is inspired to improve her modeling photography skills by using “everything and anything” she can to pull off a shoot. In this case, the newest ingenious items that she used were a trash can and a flashlight. 


Photo Credit: Kimberly on Twitter


According to Kimberly, her real name, she was inspired to do the photoshoot when she was sent a video of “someone putting their phone flashlight into a laundry bin.” She replicated that same effect after dropping by at the nearest Target to try and find something that she could use. She bought a trash can while she was there, but she said it “didn’t look good.” 

Once back home, she caught sight of her mother’s trash can and used that instead -- thus creating the now-viral and ingenious photoshoot. 

Shared last Sunday, the post, on Twitter, now has 99,000 likes and 14,000 comments. Over on Instagram, it has gotten nearly 34,000 likes and 300 comments, all of which are appreciative of Kimberly’s skills. 


Photo Credit: Kimberly on Instagram


But this is not the first time that Kimberly flexed her skills in photoshoots. In the past, Kimberly has used other materials such as styrofoam, fake flowers, cardboard wings, and ribbons, as well, which she would tie to the ceiling fan. These are all props she has used in her photos on Instagram, where she has a collection of stunning shots. 

Seeing this, her followers have flooded her with positive messages praising her creativity and knack for using common household materials and turning them into works of art. 




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