Robots Help Jaquar Optimize Cost, Time, and Effort
Mon, April 19, 2021

Robots Help Jaquar Optimize Cost, Time, and Effort

Robotics has touched various industries, optimizing processes and human labor / Photo Credit: PopTika (via Shutterstock)


The advent of robotics has touched every industry such as manufacturing, energy, agriculture, and logistics, revolutionizing the way humans work, according to Riya Paduha of ET, a website dedicated to publishing content on information and technology. Jaquar Group is a rapidly-growing bathroom and lighting solutions brand that is using robots at various levels of the manufacturing process to save time and human effort, as well as to optimize cost. In an exclusive interview with ETCIO, Jaquar’s CIO Amit Bathia provided insights into how robotics is transforming the company’s manufacturing, logistics, and packaging. 

The firm’s manufacturing units in India and South Korea have Italian machines with SCADA  systems, making the pieces of equipment smarter. Jaquar tries to minimize dependency on human effort thanks to its cloud-based ERP system and automated robotic solutions. Bhatia explained that Jaquar is using robots in various ways in its manufacturing units. “In one of our lighting factories, the robot picks up the manufactured bulbs from one machine and keeps it on another line for quality testing,” he added.

To minimize the likelihood of damage, the company uses robots to load and unload items from the lorry. Robots are also used for transferring Jaquar’s products from the manufacturing units to trucks without damaging them, thereby saving the time and effort of factory workers. The firm also has sales points to place orders. Once the order is placed, it will be directed to the area manager to begin the installation process. The area manager then connects with the local plumber to proceed with the process. 

Bhatia said, “All dealers are connected through a Dealer Management System,” which helps capture customer demand. The demand registered on the system will be transmitted to Jaquar’s sales team. Afterwards, they generate a sales order for the dealer. Bhatia stated that the company takes care of their end-to-end customer experience through Oracle CX, Jaquar’s CRM tool. 

Jaquar’s employees use the technologies and applications deployed in the company. The firm created a training module for its employees, which acts as a learning and development tool. The firm also has role-based content dedicated to its employees, which aids in self-learning and assessment. “The results of such assessment goes to the training team and then they can modify and train the employees accordingly,” Bhatia stated.