The Story Behind Viral Photo of Young Brazilian Violinist Crying 
Wed, April 21, 2021

The Story Behind Viral Photo of Young Brazilian Violinist Crying 


A photo of a child playing the violin with tears streaming down his eyes has gone viral, and if you think the picture itself is already pretty sad, the story behind it is even more so. 


According to Classic FM, an online radio playing classical music pieces from the best classical composers, musicians, and their works, the story runs much deeper and is much more heart-wrenching. A little background on the child: he is a 12-year-old violinist who started in classical music as part of the AfroReggae program. Through that program, he learned music and became a violinist. 


In this photo, he is actually playing at the funeral of Evandro João da Silva, a well-known coordinator and a highly-regarded leader in the AfroReggae Cultural Group. His commitment to the cause has led so many Brazilian youths on a path of learning music, art, and culture as a way to “address social inequalities found in the Brazilian metropolis.” 


Photo Credit via Extra Globo 


It is also meant to “combat prejudices using music, art, and culture,” truly a noble cause. 


Da Silva’s legacy will be remembered, but his death will continue to be painful sorrow, as evidenced by this picture of the 12-year-old violinist who cried at da Silva’s funeral as he played his violin. 


Da Silva died in the hands of muggers in October 18, 2009, after he was mugged and later shot to his death. The muggers then took his phones, shoes, and wallet before fleeing the scene. 


Photo Credit via Marcos Tristao


The moment, captured by Marcos Tristao, is a testament to just how much help he had provided the youth of Brazil with a shining light despite the poverty and deprivation surrounding the country. 


According to Classic FM, so many people were moved by the picture thanks to Tristao successfully being able to capture the emotion felt by the young violinist so “poignantly.” 



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