You Might Want to Try this Windshield De-Icing Hack Shared by One Woman on Facebook 
Thu, October 21, 2021

You Might Want to Try this Windshield De-Icing Hack Shared by One Woman on Facebook 


Winter is knocking on each of our doors and as the temperature drops, most of us will have to deal with snow-filled driveways and snow on our windshields. The latter, though, might have just been solved by a woman over on Facebook who showed the world a hack anyone can try to do to get rid of the snow on their windshields. 


According to a report by Yahoo News, it was Angela Hickling who shared her hack on Facebook. It went viral after being shared 20,000 times and has been valuable for many frustrated car owners with the same problem. 


In her post, she raved about the hack she discovered, instructing people to equip themselves with nothing more than bottles filled with warm water. 


Her instructions, as seen in the post, was: 


“Get ya self one of these bottles, fill it with warm water and ya sorted, no cold hands scraping anymore and it cleans ya window screen too, the brush bit is ideal. Off to work now, have a great day people.” 


Photo Credit via Angela Hickling on Facebook


Accompanied by these instructions are pictures of Angela using a brush over her windshield. 


So, how did Angela come up with this ingenious hack? According to her talk with Manchester Evening News, her stumbling upon this hack began when she was looking for something to fix her problem in her boyfriend’s cupboard. She needed to take the snow off the windshield but wanted to find a way to not get her fingers frozen. 


“I had a light bulb moment,” she said. She explained that this moment was, in fact, the moment when she saw the bottle and “filled it with warm water and it worked perfectly. I was so happy.” 


A similar technique was also shared on TikTok by user @andrewh.7, whose hack was more or less the same as Angela’s. Instead of a bottle, though, this user used a ziplock bag and filled it with hot water. They then wiped it on top of the windshield to get rid of the ice. 


Photo Credit via @andrewh.7via on TikTok


Experts have issued a little warning, though, asking people to be cautious of the hack as it puts the structural integrity of the windshield at risk. The sudden warmth, when applied to a technically freezing-cold windshield, may cause the glass to crack.



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