Dad Features Toddler in Hilarious Snapchat Photo Parodies 
Thu, April 22, 2021

Dad Features Toddler in Hilarious Snapchat Photo Parodies 


A dad has found a hilarious way to feature his kid in his baby in Snapchat photos and the internet is loving every bit of it. 


Snapchat, a social media platform mostly populated by teenagers and young adults, is a repository for all types of different things. You can find anything on Snapchat from wholesome pet pics, celebrity updates, and even porn sales. 


Clearly, it’s a place that has a little something for everyone. For dad Jack Mandeville, from Stockton-on-Tees in County Durham, he wanted to try and parody the many types of content people see and share on Snapchat, so he did them with his adorable toddler Ronnie. 


According to Lad Bible, a social media and entertainment social publisher, Mandeville was making fun of snaps (the term for photos or videos shared on the app) and the ‘cringe’ posts, ranging from the updates that users keep adding on the platform for their followers as well as other things. 


There was also a parody in there of users who sell their nude photos on Snapchat and the caption was honestly no less hilarious and incredibly on-brand. The caption on one of these parody images read: 


“Subscribe to my premium snap for more topless pics. Don’t tell mammy or daddy.” 


Photo Credit via Jack Mandeville on Snapchat


Anyone who’s ever been on the platform can attest that this is something that happens all too often, and the fact that Mandeville’s toddler was also hilariously topless (as most babies are) was what made the pics all the funnier.


In one snap, there was also a picture of the kid’s show “Peppa Pig,” which Mandeville added a caption of “Peppa and chill anyone?” parroting the “Netflix and Chill” slogan. When asked about this ,Mandeville just explained that Ronnie really likes the show Peppa Pig. 


Photo Credit via alicephoto on 123rf


“Peppa Pig is Ronnie’s favorite TV show, he absolutely loves it, so that’s why I decided to do the ‘Peppa Pig and Chill’ one,” he told Lad Bible. 



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