Marvel Champions: The Card Game is a Journey into the Hearts of Heroes and Villains
Fri, December 3, 2021

Marvel Champions: The Card Game is a Journey into the Hearts of Heroes and Villains

Marvel Champions is a great cooperative game because of Marvel’s intent to make sure that their games are easy to play by a group of people. / Photo by: Savvapanf Photo via Shutterstock


Marvel has had an amazing couple of years so far, all thanks to the sudden boom of the comic book hero movies. The public clamor is almost too overwhelming to ignore, and it's apparent in the number of news articles that come out when the studio so much as teases another superhero movie, and noticeable even for snobbish publications to not completely dismiss it. 

The astonishing success of the genre may cease one day, as the world gears up for the next big trend in cinema, but recent indicators that this may be years in the future. Now, still in the hot, blazing ball of popularity with no end in sight, Marvel has also put out movie-connected projects to try and cash-in as much as they can. And so, we are offered Marvel Champions: The Card Game, which was described by, a digital platform for all things comics, as a living card game, a game that starts off with a Core Set and gets expansions on a monthly basis. 

Two Sides of the Same Coin 

At a certain level, heroes and villains understand each other. We’re often told that they are very different in what they want to achieve and thus clash because of it. Sometimes, though, we tend to forget that heroes and villains are both complex characters who are just driven to the extreme in their beliefs. 

According to GamesRadar, a website that takes a closer look at games, this understanding of what makes the hero and the villain tick is one of the reasons Marvel Champions is worth playing. 

To describe the game, GamesRadar wrote: “You see, while each game begins by having you choose between your lineup out of Spider-Man, Captain Marvel, Black Panther, She-Hulk, and Captain America, it’s their civilian form that always kicks off proceedings.” 

This means that the player will have to make moves in the game while thinking about the civilian versions of the usually larger-than-life hero. GamesRadar also added that the game also keeps in mind the villains that, frankly, make the comic book universe go round. “The flow of the game is dictated by both the hero phase and the villain phase constantly alternating.”

Accessibility and Ease of Play 

Added, an independently owned media company focusing on all things about popular culture, Marvel Champions is also perfect a great cooperative game because of Marvel’s intent to make sure that their games are easy to play by a group of people. 

The game, unlike other living card games, will only require players to build one core set to create a deck out of. In this sense, said the game is simpler than Arkham Horror or the Lord of the Rings. 

Even the cards that can be used essentially have not that much of a limit. So you can pick a hero to play, embellish their abilities in the game by adding an Aspect, a game feature that allows a character to have a specialized role in the game, with a set of Basic cards. Together, these cards make up what your hero is going to be in the game and how they will react to the gameplay around them. Compared to Arkham Horror, where “each hero had certain deck-building rules that limited what cards they could use,” Marvel Champions is a little easier. 

Emphasis on Gameplay 

A little downside to the game is that it focuses heavily on gameplay rather than the story. Sure, it’s simpler than other living card games but it also takes a massive hit in the story category as the game doesn’t have a campaign. While each scenario is basically a standalone, it does not allow for a player to level up their deck throughout the game. This is the case because the story is not fleshed out. But what Marvel Champions lacks, it makes up for in gameplay, at least, which is the game’s solid goal to improve after all. 

Still, warned that this might put off other players who want a little rhyme and reason to the way things are. If that’s the case, Marvel Champions can be traded for another living card game, but its understanding, at least, of its heroes and villains and household names still accounts for something. 

For now, the expansion packs in the game would have to wait as another article stated that the expansions will actually be delayed until 2020. Never worry though, because the game manufacturers did assure audiences that they will release the first set of expansions as soon as they are able to, but that the closest possible date is still in 2020. 

Once added, these expansions will include heroes and villains Green Goblin, Captain America, Ms. Marvel, and the Wrecking Crew.


The game expansion pack will include heroes like Captain America. / Photo by: phol_66 via Shutterstock


These expansion packs are expected to be released between January and April 2020. 

While waiting for the expansion packs, the game has already released two different types of expansion packs, which include Hero Packs and Scenario Packs, with each one being a standalone set.

Marvel Champions might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but for those who dig it, they should be assured of an enjoyable gaming experience.