Watch Out for these IoT Cyber Threats in 2020
Wed, April 21, 2021

Watch Out for these IoT Cyber Threats in 2020

We must start to protect our smart devices from cyberattackers and other security threats / Photo Credit: leolintang (via Shutterstock)


In the physical world, a burglar looks for any weak spot to take advantage of such as an unlocked back door or an open window in a home, explained Ohad Amir of online publication TechRadar. It’s the same for cyberspace. Hackers identify and exploit the weakness in the system. As technology continues to evolve and more devices are connected, the “attack surface” will continue to expand. 

For example, smart home devices such as wireless lights, home security sensors, smart meters, and the like, offer more access points today. For hackers, these can be utilized to inflict damage, making us even more exposed and vulnerable than ever before. Sure, IoT allows us to perform tasks easier and faster, but we must ensure that IoT does not present any loophole to cyberattackers. 

Devices are collecting large volumes of data, ranging from our IP addresses to “the state of our health.” More data will be collected, stored, and shared with the development of 5G. Every piece of sensitive information we generate will be vulnerable to identity theft and financial gain. The data can even be used to jeopardize our own health. Hence, security measures will play a critical role in controlling how our data is used. 

Security issues are blurring the lines of physical and cybersecurity. We are now starting to see technologies incorporating this concept to “provide a complete protection service in one unified solution.” By merging physical and cybersecurity, we can draw insights on behavioral patterns, enabling us to innovate products and offer better endpoint security. We will definitely see this trend as new tech innovations emerge, allowing families to live peacefully without fear of any incoming physical or cyberattacks. 

As technology permeates more and more into our everyday lives, we must think about safeguarding our smart devices, much like how we pay extreme attention to keeping our doors locked or even securing our wallets. 2020 will be the year of tech innovation, as well as the possibility of hacks and data breaches. Therefore, it is our responsibility to make our devices a “difficult” target for cyberattackers.