Top Travel Influencers of 2019
Mon, April 19, 2021

Top Travel Influencers of 2019

For most travel influencers, the places they visit collaborate with them for promotional material via influencer marketing. / Photo by: Kittaya Mangruan via 123rf


Love to travel but not sure what other things to do with your life other than globe-trotting? Well, there’s a profession for that now: Travel Influencer. Chances are, if you were born within the last two decades, you’re familiar with what a travel influencer is. If not, all you need to know is that they usually have blogs, vlogs (blogs in video format), or Instagram photos of places they visit. 

For most travel influencers, the places they visit collaborate with them for promotional material via influencer marketing, which means that the influencer will work with companies to take stunning photos and create customized and on-brand captions and advertisement to not just flex the trip on social media but also to effectively promote the place. Their posts usually pique the interests of many people and this adds to the influencers’ success. Here are some of the most successful travel bloggers of 2019. 

Chris Burkard (@chrisburkard) 

Follower count: 3.4 million

At 31, Burkard has achieved the reputation of being a “phenomenal travel influencer on Instagram,” writes MediaKix, a full-service influencer marketing agency. His photography skills are top-notch in large part because he has worked as a freelance photographer prior to becoming a travel influencer. In the past, some of his clients included big companies such as Volcom, Apple Inc., and American Airlines. 

These days, Burkard works as a senior staff photographer at Surfer Magazine and can easily incorporate his travel influencer job description with his responsibilities as a member of the magazine staff. According to Izea, an online resource especially geared toward influencers, Burkard has also tried his hand at authoring books such as “The Boy Who Spoke to the Earth.” 

Jennifer Tuffen (@izkiz)

Follower count: 2.8 million

British creator and writer Jennifer Tuffen built her career as a travel influencer, thanks to her “international upbringing,” according to MediaKix. Her childhood spent being around different cultures and religion has translated beautifully into current Tuffen’s work and content, which is described as something that aligns with her personality as well—vibrant and high-spirited. 

Before she became wildly successful though, she initially began from somewhere modest, developing her passion for photography after getting an iPhone 3GS and using the smartphone to document her first travels. Since then, she has grown her Instagram page to 2.8 million followers and has even jumped into other projects such as app development from which she now has two photo-editing apps. 

Jack Morris (@doyoutravel)

Follower count: 2.7 million 

Together with girlfriend Lauren Bullen (@gypsea_lust on Instagram), Jack Morris is best known for “shooting remarkable images that capture various cultures and natural wonders,” according to MediaKix. His travel catalog is very extensive too; when asked how many countries he’s been to, he shared that he’s been to about 50 countries as he has already been globe-trotting as early as 2012, even before Instagram’s influencer boom. 

Izea, meanwhile, described how Morris almost always travels with Lauren, who happens to be a very talented photographer from Australia and “has a love for fashion along with travel.” 

The Bucket List Family (@thebucketlistfamily) 

Follower count: 1.8 million 

What happens when you mix wanderlust and a whole family who loves it? Well, The Bucket List Family, that’s what. Before they became famous as a traveling family, parents Jessica and Garrett Gee’s humble beginnings were at a church where they met on a mission. Garrett sold a scanning app he developed to Snapchat for $54 million and since then, has continued to travel the world with his wife and children. Izea reported the couple even sold their belongings to really commit to the lifestyle. 

According to MediaKix, the family has already visited 65 countries in three years although their place of residence is in Hawaii. 

Louis Cole (@funforlouis) 

Follower count: 1.3 million 

Another Brit traveler, Louis Cole, also began documenting his travels way back in 2012, reports international news source CNN. His YouTube channel is fun and entertaining for his followers, thanks to his videos that mix “the escapism of travel with humor of the everyday.” 

He also has a soft spot for the youth and directs his content for their consumption. He runs the Social Good Club, which “supports other influencers and focuses on social projects. In this list, Louis sits at the tail end of Instagram reach and following, but where he thrives the most is YouTube, where he has two million subscribers. 


Louis Cole's YouTube channel is fun and entertaining for his followers, thanks to his videos that mix “the escapism of travel with humor of the everyday.” / Photo by: Gage Skidmore via Flickr


Will Dasovich (@will_dasovich)

Follower count: 704,000 

His follower count may not be in the millions but according to Izea, Dasovich is known for being authentic and honest in his content. Recently, he battled with colon cancer and thus shared that experience with his fans. Eventually, he was able to announce that he is finally cancer-free after nine cycles of chemotherapy. 
Most of his content is centered around his interest in his Filipino roots as he decided to come back there after graduating from college in California.