Mother Shares Hilarious List of All The Things You Will Need Prepare for Kids
Wed, April 21, 2021

Mother Shares Hilarious List of All The Things You Will Need Prepare for Kids


A mother has cracked the code on what it means to be a mother -- and she has posted the list of important things to remember when one is entering the pact of motherhood with their children. 


According to a report by Heart UK, a radio network of 12 adult contemporary local stations operated by Global in the United Kingdom, mother Laura Mazza posted the hilarious list on Facebook, and has now garnered 60,000 likes, 40,000 comments, and 68,000 shares. 


Photo Credit via Laura Mazza on Facebook 


The list is filled to the brim with hilarious and confusing zingers, instructions and tips that don’t actually seem to lead anywhere or teach something substantial, which is also a common theme in parenthood. 


The list instructs the up-and-coming mother simply to “Cry” or “Play baby shark on repeat for 68 hours.” The new millennia and the technological advancement that it brings also urged Laura to share how she had also gotten into “freaky cartoons” on YouTube with “catchy songs,” provided that they are interspersed with baby shark viewing. 


There’s also instruction about cleaning the house and then dirtying it right after, a very common cycle with taking care of very young children, and gems such as “Try to unwrap a lollipop in 3 seconds flat. Set a loud timer that screams at you if you fail.” 


There are also some really interesting exaggerations thrown in the mix, such as the following items: 


“Buckle up an octopus in a car seat.” 


“Get three monkeys and drive around with them. Give them popcorn and honey.” 


And some very real motherly duties such as “Make a snack every 7 minutes.” 


Photo Credit via Jozef Polc via 123RF


The post touched many mothers all over the world and prompted them to comment under Mazza’s post with their own additions. One mother added: “Buy a box of Cheerios. Divide Cheerios between all of your coat pockets, purses, bags, couch cushions, car seats and throw just a few behind the toilet.”



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