Instagram Mom Bullying Other Influencers Using Anonymous Account Unmasked
Sun, April 18, 2021

Instagram Mom Bullying Other Influencers Using Anonymous Account Unmasked

Statistics from i-SAFE Inc. showed that there are 1 in 3 young people who will experience getting cyberthreats online. / Photo by: Cathy Yeulet via 123rf


A lot of people can get away with a lot of things on the internet. Anonymity can act as a shield for those who engage in shady deals. This is also the reason why cyberbullying statistics show that over half of adolescents and teens usually get bullied or are the bullies. Statistics from i-SAFE Inc., a non-profit foundation that aims to educate and empower the youth to make their internet experiences safe and responsible, showed that there are 1 in 3 young people who will experience getting cyberthreats online. 

Since most teens are on their phones regularly, the Cyberbullying Research Center has named it the “most popular form of technology and a common medium for cyberbullying,” affecting at least 80 percent of teenagers. The most common type of cyberbullying is mean or hurtful comments as well as spreading rumors. 

Unsurprisingly, even though the most affected by these issues are youngsters, there are also many in cases in which adults also attack each other on social media, leaving equally hurtful, degrading comments that are par for the course among their younger counterparts. One such case involves an Instagram blogger/influencer mom who recently admitted to using an anonymous account to leave negative comments on fellow influencers.


Clemmie Hooper, a mommy blogger running the Instagram account “Mother of Daughters,” recently admitted to creating an account after noticing hate coming her way and her family. In a report by international news source BBC, Hooper had reportedly gotten “thousands of comments” about her and her family, which led to her feeling “extremely paranoid” and creating an anonymous account to try and attack other influencers “in an attempt to appear authentic.”

While she did not admit specifically what account she used, British public service broadcaster BBC reported that “she only made her admission after other users flagged suspicions that she was behind a specific profile.”

In a corresponding report by the New York Post, the supposed account that Hooper had been using for the bullying was under the username “AliceInWanderLust,” which she used in the forum Tattle Life. From there, she then “anonymously attacked other popular bloggers, including her so-called friends in the mommy influencers’ circuit.” 

The comments ranged from the standard run-of-the-mill attacks where she called another blogger “desperate,” but there were also those filled with vitriol such as one insult attacking another blogger, Candice Braithwaite, a black influencer whom Clemmie called “aggressive” and would use her race “like a weapon to silence people’s opinions,” detailed a report by Insider, an American online media company. 

If that already sounds pretty bad, the New York Post even added that Hooper apparently left no stone unturned, as she went after her own husband. One comment she wrote about her husband:  “Her husband, on the other hand, is a class at t--t. I can’t believe she puts up with his nonsense.” 

These comments did not go unnoticed, though, because the negative comments, as well as Clemmie’s behavior, reached her husband, Simon Hooper, who also runs his own Instagram account called “Father of Daughters,” to match with Hooper’s. 

Now, it seems like he probably wouldn’t want that anymore. According to the BBC, he shared that the news has made him “angry and a bit sad.” He clarified that while he understood how his wife probably snapped from the prior negative comments about their family, he still knows that his wife’s actions are not justified. 

Clapback Camp

How exactly were they able to tell that this AliceInWanderLust maybe someone familiar to them? According to Insider, it all began when other users on the platform saw that “something seemed off with the account” because “some posts had been tagged in the same location as Hooper’s St. Lucia vacation.” 

From then, other Instagram influencers addressed “Alice,” with That Mummy Smile Instagram account owner Laura Rutherford writing: “Dear Alice, I don’t owe it to you to remain quiet. You’ve goaded and encouraged trolls to tear my reputation apart for the last 8 months. Mine and a handful of other Influencers—and for what gain? No, I won’t talk to you or discuss with you your justifications for online bullying. There is absolutely no justification for this behavior.” 


Clemmie Hooper admitted to creating an account after noticing hate coming her way and her family. / Photo by: Panithan Fakseemuang via 123rf


Fellow Influencer Bethie Hungerford of Hungermama on Instagram said that she will be waiting for “Alice” to “come clean and acknowledge her wrongdoing and apologize to all of the people she’s hurt.” And from these statements alone, it is apparent that she’s hurt a lot of people. 

After Hooper was found out, there was not much else left to do, so in a public apology, she said that she had been deeply hurt when she found “a website that had thousands of comments” about her and her family. 

She added: "Undoubtedly, I got lost in this online world and the more I became engrossed in the negative commentary, the more the situation escalated. Engaging in this was a huge mistake. I take full responsibility for what has happened and I am just so sorry for the hurt I have caused everyone involved, including my friends and family."