“OK Boomer” Remix Creator Talks About the Meme-Voice of the Gen Z
Thu, September 29, 2022

“OK Boomer” Remix Creator Talks About the Meme-Voice of the Gen Z


Outdated ideas and points of view happen all the time; things will never stay the same forever. If you are a believer of the Earth being flat once upon a time, a new perspective and enough scientific advances will tell you that that’s just not true. The same should be understood by baby boomers, who continue to be the main culture police that is no longer needed in the current changing generation, Generation Z.

As a way to fight back in a rather disinterested way, now that they have already been tired out of explaining, the Gen Z have utilized a scathing, sarcastic retort that all but screams resigned -- “Ok boomer,” which has been used by Peter Kuli for a remix and became a hit overnight.




According to the Vermont Public Radio (VPR), a network of public radio stations covering the state of Vermont, Champlain College sophomore student decided to do the remix that has now become (unsurprisingly) viral. 

So far, the song seems to be doing really well in its deeply ironic form of entertainment that, admittedly, only Gen Z would find utterly hilarious. Nevertheless, Kuli admits that it hasn’t been smooth sailing for him after he released the remix, as most boomers then came onto him after he did so. But he’s not too worried since his own grandfather has been nothing but supportive. 


Photo Credit via VPR.org


In his interview with VPR, he said that he had only made the song in his dorm room, “messing around with a friend’s rap song about baby boomer attitudes.” A major point of conflict that Kuli illustrated between him and the boomers around him was how the boomers usually don’t take the concerns of the current generation seriously. 

More than the attacks that boomers also lay on thick on the millennial generation for silly things like causing the collapse of the cereal industry, they seem to be especially vitriolic against younger generations. 




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