Stardew Valley Is Getting A Major Content Update
Thu, January 27, 2022

Stardew Valley Is Getting A Major Content Update

The Stardew Valley update will clean bugs and add a bunch of quality-of-life features that are sure to be appreciated by fans. / Photo by: BagoGames via Flickr


Stardew Valley, one of the most loved PC games, is getting a large and free endgame patch, which is said to finally polish the game to the degree that the creator has always wanted. Polygon, a website that publishes articles about games and entertainment, reported that the patch will come November 26. 

The update will also clean bugs and add a bunch of quality-of-life features that are sure to be appreciated by fans. For instance, the update will allow the user to take a screenshot of the whole farm in the PC version of the game. Eric Barone, the creator of the Stardew Valley, said that there are still holes or weak points that they are working on. 

Content Updates

PC Gamer, an online portal that publishes articles about gaming and entertainment, shared that Barone didn’t want to spoil all the new additions for the game. However, he gave some teensy examples of the content update. One of them is that Wild Bait is no longer “essentially worthwhile.” Instead, it will now have a great chance to attract more fish for you to catch. 

The update 1.4 patch will also add some pretty exciting new content to the delightful pixelated farming sim. Games Radar, an entertainment website dedicated to video game-related news, previews, and reviews, said that this includes new heart events with your spouse. This means a unique heart event for each character will be activated once you gain 14 hearts after marriage. 

Additionally, the endgame content will keep more players going even after they have completed all the tasks available in the game. Barone also said that he won’t spill too much about it, so gamers will have to find out for themselves to know what the “end-game stuff” contents are. 

“I wanted to fix all of the bugs that have been lingering in the game” Barone said, “to fix a lot of weird or annoying things about the controls and feel of the game, and add in a lot of ‘quality of life’ features that will make the game more seamless to play.” The upcoming 1.4 patch is in its final stages and Barone hoped it will also come soon to consoles and mobile devices in a few weeks after it launches on PC. 

Multiplayer Mode on Xbox One

The multiplayer mode has been a complicated thing for Stardew Valley. Even though the farming game is ideally a solo and peaceful activity, farming life in Stardew Valley multiplayer is a great addition for the game’s faithful. The peaceful farming life can add a little sprinkle on it as your friends can be with you as you accomplish things.

According to the PC Gamer article, Stardew’s multiplayer mode doesn’t support split-screen. In order to make sure that your gameplay is smooth, the other player must have their own copy of the game. To activate this content, your farm must have cabins for each of your friends. Up to three other players can join in on the game in the multiplayer mode. 

Fortunately, these cabins are very cheap to build in an existing single player save. One can also start a new multiplayer farm with cabins that have already been built. The saves are going to be stored on the host player’s machine. This means that other players will not be able to play after the host leaves the said game. 


Stardew’s multiplayer mode doesn’t support split-screen so in order to make sure that the gameplay is smooth, the other player must have their own copy of the game. / Photo by: steamXO via Flickr


The Stardew Valley Phenomenon

If you haven’t heard of Stardew Valley, then you must be really out of the loop, as it is hailed as the most relaxing and also adventurous farming game today. Paste, a monthly music and entertainment digital magazine mentioned in an article that this is almost similar to the Harvest Moon series, and it has sold more than half a million copies worldwide so far. 

However, if it is almost similar to the Harvest Moon series, why does this game become very popular?

Engaging Characters

Harvest Moon had several archetypes that repeat throughout the series, and Stardew Valley showcases a pretty different slate as its characters offer a fresh and modern package. The game features a recluse emo kid, a girl who was popular in high school and struggling to identify her place in the present, and an old mayor who is having a not-so-secret affair with an owner of a barn. 

These unusual characters make users wonder about how they will uncover their life stories as they tend to their farm. The perfect blend of darkness in its characters helps in bringing out the rest of the game’s inherent sweetness, innocence, and simplicity that makes everything almost natural.

Marry Whoever You Want

The Stardew Valley also offers its players the chance to choose between 10 candidates. Players can marry any of them regardless of their gender. It might be a simple thing but people who come from marginalized communities can relate to these characters.