Frozen 2 is Coming, and It's Getting Chilly
Fri, December 3, 2021

Frozen 2 is Coming, and It's Getting Chilly

The movie "Frozen" became Disney’s highest-grossing animated feature in history.  / Photo by: Mike Mozart via Flickr


The song “Let It Go” rose to global fame when the film Frozen was released in 2013. The story of the beloved heroine Elsa and her adorable sister Anna remains a captivating one for people of all ages. The movie became Disney’s highest-grossing animated feature in history. 

Cinema Blend, the web's most popular, independently owned entertainment site, reported that even its merchandise was sold out as soon as they hit the shelves. Its characters were being swarmed at Disney theme parks, and the next Halloween, children were seen wearing Queen Elsa’s signature look. Now, six years later, the sequel is finally here, and fans are waiting to see if it's worth watching and if it will surpass the popularity of the first movie. 

Remains Visually Stunning

Walt Disney Animation Studios released the generation-defining movie Frozen. Now, the sequel is here and mixed reviews from critics mostly say that it lives up to the incredibly large hype that surrounds it. Business Insider, a fast-growing business site with deep financial, media, tech, and other industry verticals, mentioned that fans will be able to reunite with their favorite characters led by Elsa (Idina Menzel), Anna (Kristen Bell), Kristoff (Jonathan Groff), and, of course, Olaf (Josh Gad). 

The peaceful Arendelle will return to theaters on November 22. Aside from the lovable tale of sisterly love, the animation of this movie remains superb. It has been reported that the animation itself is better than the animation in the first movie. The style remains the same as the first, but little things like facial expressions and picture sharpness look very advanced. 

“The more believable you can make the character [look], the more people believe [it’s] feeling,” says Tony Smeed, who worked together with Becky Bresee as head animators of Disney’s Frozen 2. They also shared that the emotion of the characters comes from the inside and it manifests itself into actions and facial expression. 

Emotions Through Animation

According to an article published by Variety, the most authoritative and trusted source of entertainment business news, the follow-up movie to the 2013 Oscar-winning smash hit reunite the team behind the original movie as they explore the origins and limitations of Queen Elsa’s ice powers. 

Bresee shared that their most important job is to make an animated film that lets the audience know how they think and feel. “Really great animators are able to push emotions -- a simple [dart of the eye] can mean something. It’s all those subtleties that really bring the character to life,” Bresee said. 

On the other hand, directors Jennifer Lee and Chris Buck noted that when making animation, it is important to focus on the characters' breathing patterns. During the first movie, the audience could even notice how different Elsa and Anna are through the way they walk and moved their bodies.


The follow-up movie to the 2013 Oscar-winning smash hit reunite the team behind the original movie as they explore the origins and limitations of Queen Elsa’s ice powers. / Photo by: loganban via 123rf


A Charming Return

It is thrilling to see a story again after the “happy ever after” of its characters. The sequel means that we get to see what happens between Kristoff and Anna, and of course, how Queen Elsa leads her kingdom to greatness after she embraced her powers completely. According to The Guardian, a British daily newspaper, the sequel will take the fans a few years after the end of the first film. 

However, it will start with a flashback to when Elsa and Anna were still young. There, we will see the King Agnarr and Queen Iduna as they tell the little girls at bedtime the story of the enchanted forest that is located in the northern part of the kingdom. From there, the viewers will have an idea of the powerful spirits who rule the forest. Unfortunately, despite all the magic that surrounds it, it is a place where unhappy family associations lie. 

Fast forward to the present, and Elsa hears a strange voice that calls to her from the forest. She realizes that she must go on a journey where she has to confront and dispel a family secret, together, of course, with well-loved characters: Anna, Kristoff, Sven, and the legendary snowman Olaf. 

The Frozen Effect

The film’s astonishing success has come as a surprise to most, but upon closer examination, we get to see why Frozen became a worldwide hit. Business Insider reported on their website that the movie managed to attract the interest of little boys as well, even if it centers on the story of an ice queen and a princess. This kind of idea worked with “Tangled” in 2010, where they used Eugene as a supporting actor beside the heroine, Rapunzel. 

Aside from that, the movie also dispels the basic love story trope, where the prince is always dreamy and good-natured. Instead, in Frozen, they make him a villain. Additionally, in the film, true love’s kiss doesn’t come from a strong, handsome man, but from the love of a sister.