To Leash or Not to Leash: A Dog Owner's Quandary
Wed, April 21, 2021

To Leash or Not to Leash: A Dog Owner's Quandary

The best control you can always have for your dog is through a leash. / Photo by: Jaromír Chalabala via 123rf


It’s an age-old question among dog owners and breeders: Is it always necessary to leash your dog? You may have seen some joggers in the park or some mothers with their kids walking to the grocery who have dogs that are walking beside or in front of them. They could be on a leash or just plain free to roam around with their owners. People around either give them a disapproving glance for having no physical control on their dogs or they appreciate the degree of trust between human and animal. Opposing views will definitely present their side on the issue, and it is something that everyone should be able to respect, accept, and plainly live with.

Some may not agree with it, but of course, the best control you can always have for your dog is through a leash. According to The Dodo website, a page that provides creative and fun content about animals, there will always be a chance that an unknown or unexpected possibility might happen out in the streets, and it could involve your dog in a negative manner, one that can turn out to be very dangerous or even fatal, so it is strongly suggested that dogs be leashed whenever they are going out of their owner’s property.

Why Leash?

Unless you are at home and not in a public area, you cannot let your dog loose, for its sake and for others. When you leave your property together with your dog, it is crucial, considerate, and responsible to have it on a leash. You might say that your dog is the friendliest mutt or is the best-trained pet in town. However, even if we don’t want to admit it, our dog is still an animal, and they will have some instincts and behavior that we might not be able to control in certain circumstances. They could be the most-behaved pup for you, but other dogs might not be. Remember that strange dogs don’t exactly immediately socialize with one another but instead, may even be hostile.

The Dogster Page, a website that caters to dog care and health, lists down some of the reasons why leashing your dog in the public is ideal:

1. For its safety

The area you live in could be the safest in the whole city, or you could be staying in a very big farm away from the noise of the concrete jungle. City living means hundreds of cars around, and a dog that can roam free is always in danger of being hit or run over by one. Living in a rural area also poses some risks for unleashed dogs because of the possibility of hostile strays or other dangerous animals getting in your dog’s way. At least with a leash, you can control where your dog is going when you are out for a walk, steering it out of danger.


With a leash, owners can control where their dog is going when they are out for a walk, steering it out of danger. / Photo by: Christian Mueller via 123rf


2. For other animal’s safety

Your dog shouldn’t be your only concern. Other dogs will also be walked around by their owners. You might think that your pet is the tamest and friendliest, but you will never know when it could start to act up and attack other animals.

3. For the safety of pedestrians and casual walkers

Not all people are keen on owning or even touching a dog, and that is a reality that you must accept. Others are even scared of dogs, so it would be better if you keep your pet on a leash so that others can walk around in comfort and not get scared or uncomfortable at the least.


Others are scared of dogs, so it would be better if owners keep their pet on a leash so that others can walk around in comfort. / Photo by: warrengoldswain via 123rf


4. To avoid losing your pet

As painful as it is even to just think about it, but there is always a possibility that your well-trained dog can get lost when it’s allowed to run freely. Worse, it might get stolen. To a lesser degree, a lost dog could be picked up by a person and taken to a veterinary clinic or animal shelter, just to find out that the owners thought that it was stolen. This could create some problems between neighbors or people living in the same area. If you don’t want this kind of situation, better leash your dog.

5. Conflict avoidance

If your dog is free to roam the street around your neighborhood, chances are it might get in some trouble when it goes into a neighbor’s yard and starts making a mess of their garden or manicured lawn. Worse, they might even poop there and the neighbor actually seeing the “crime.” This could create conflict between you and your neighbors.

Of course, there can be problems when it comes to introducing your dog to the leash especially if they have not had the experience before. But with enough patience and time, they will learn that a leash means an exciting adventure outside the house.