The Art of Gift Giving
Thu, February 2, 2023

The Art of Gift Giving

Gift giving is an expression of feelings, a show of affection, and a prime means of imparting admiration and gratitude. / Photo by: twinsterphoto via 123rf


Giving and receiving a gift can be extremely powerful and emotional. It is an expression of feelings, a show of affection, and a prime means of imparting admiration and gratitude. It is an extension of you. By giving your thoughts, time, and effort, you display your personality, character, and generosity to others. It is an opportunity to show your real self.

In a sense, gift-giving is a way to celebrate life, love, and friendship.

Rules of Etiquette for Gift Giving

 Everyone has their own rules for giving gifts, there really are no hard and fast rules. Nevertheless, to avoid those embarrassing moments, here is a brief guide to light your gift-giving ways.

Consider the recipient. Be culturally aware of their customs and tradition. Be sensitive to what seemed important to them. The key is to pay attention to their needs and the lasting impression the gifts will make on them. Commemorate the person, not the event. Gifts are meant to be for the recipient

Be genuine but don’t overspend. Give a creative gift within your budget. Spending excessive amounts on a gift may make the receiver uncomfortable. In like manner, do not be obliged to give a gift of equal value to a gift you received. Anyway, value is too subjective to assess. Let the old saying “it is the thought that counts” apply instead. Price tags truly do not count.

It is not mandatory to exchange gifts. If you give a gift, do not expect anything in return. If however you really would want to exchange gifts, stash a variety of standard regular gifts on hand like scented candles, scarves, chocolates, cookies, etc. If on an occasion of gift exchange party, it is important to inform all invited guests the type of party to be held, the theme if any, and the range of cost so they have a base to work on.

It is also not mandatory to give gifts for everyone within a particular clique. As a general rule, discretely give a gift to those whom you feel inclined to avoid making others feel excluded.

Whether you like the gift or not, show appreciation by sincerely thanking the giver of the gift in person, by phone, by text, or by a written note.

When invited to a dinner party or a celebration party, honor host by bringing a token of appreciation for the invite. Gifts should not be expensive or personalized. Flowers, chocolates, or wine will be sufficient.

The Best Gifts to Give

Finding the perfect gift is no easy task. After extensive observations, social scientists advised shoppers not to try too hard. According to them, most would be happy with something quick and easy.

Gifts go wrong because givers focused on the moment of exchange, whereas recipients focused on the utility of the gifts. So let the recipients do the selection for you. Give them what they want. Researchers Dr. Yan Zhang and Dr. Nicholas Epley after their experiments at the Museum of Chicago aptly recommend that if you want your gift to be appreciated, focus on a good gift and ignore whether it is thoughtful or not. However, if you want to get closer to the person you are giving a gift to, put as much thought into your gift but do not be offended when your thoughtfulness is ignored.


If you want to get closer to the person you are giving a gift to, put as much thought into your gift. / Photo by: Alexander Raths


The following are some gift suggestions considered by many as best gifts ever.

Give something you made. Giving a hand -made gift indicates your enthusiasm and readiness to put in your time and effort for the recipient of the gift. Whether it comes from your kitchen, your computer, or your woodwork shop, there is nothing like a homemade gift.

Give the gift of compassion by finding and giving what matters most to the recipient. Do something that the recipient finds meaningful in his honor. This can be planting a tree in his name, or a bunch of relevant materials for the completion of his research or thesis.

Give what you do best. More often than not, the most meaningful gifts are those that cost no money. A gift from the heart is a sincere gift of talent and time. Line up what you do well: is it babysitting, is it whipping the out of this world paella, is it cleaning, is it fixing the car? Whatever it is, give this unique gift certificate selflessly, redeemable at his own convenience!

Give it in writing. Couple your homemade gift with a message of love and good tidings that will remain with the recipient even after your homemade gift has been used or consumed.

Create an experience. Create a memorable moment. There are lots of on-line deals to make off to experience unforgettable and enjoyable memories. There are things you can enjoy together like a spa and beauty package for a quarter, a vacation package in a tranquil white beach, a surfing lesson package, a theater ballet ticket, and many more. Giving someone you love a gift that expresses your truest feelings is the best gift for all seasons.

Final Words

What you give as a gift and how you receive them says a lot of yourself. Show what you feel through your gift. Actions speak louder than words. In the spirit of love, think and go big for what will make the person happy.