A Cat Owner Duplicated a Wassily Kandinsky Painting For His Cat
Wed, April 21, 2021

A Cat Owner Duplicated a Wassily Kandinsky Painting For His Cat


Snowball is a very fortunate cat, getting his human to successfully recreate a piece of art for him, Wassily Kandinsky’s “Yellow-Red-Blue” painting. 

The pictures, which have now gone viral, showed rescue cat Snowball, whose owner Quinton Jones, decided to remake Kandinsky’s art for him. It’s as adorable as you might think, the piece of art smaller and more catered to a cat audience than it is for Jones. 

As reported by Express and Star, it hangs low on the wall at just the perfect height for a cat to look up to. Jones, an American chemist who lives in Rochester, New York, said he recreated the painting by tweaking a few of the elements to suit his cat. 

For example, the painting had an abstract image of a man whereas the smaller cat painting, Jones recreated to depict a cat’s face. And to truly commit to the painting, he also spent so many hours getting the details right. 


Photo Credit via @AlwaysAButt on Twitter


Once he did, his friend noticed it, taking a cute snap of Snowball standing adorably by the side of the painting. As of writing, the post had already racked up 78,000 likes, 13,000 comments and continues to enamor people all over Twitter, where the post went viral. 

According to the report, he told PA news agency that he was initially inspired to do the painting after having a conversation with his friend Anastasia on her cat Klaus’ very first mouse kill. Jones joked that, in celebration, Anastasia should take the mouse and “get it taxidermied and hang it low.” 

It’s weirdly funny, of course, which is also why Jones had much the same idea for his painting. 

He said he’s had the painting for years now and noticed it even more as he moved into a different place. 


Photo Credit via Quinton Jones


He says: 

“I had just moved into a new place and was in the process of decorating, and I’ve had that print of Kandinsky’s Yellow-Red-Blue for years. And decided since it was the first thing you see when you walk in, I wanted to tweak it into a more cat-like design to hang at his level.”




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