Couple From Texas Hailed As The World's Oldest Couple
Fri, September 30, 2022

Couple From Texas Hailed As The World's Oldest Couple


“For better or for worse, till death do us part” -- this may be one of the most common vows in the history of marriages in any country. This phrase also signifies the union that the couple has to enter into once they get married in front of their friends, families, and the eyes of their creator. 

Two lovebirds from the state of Texas managed to achieve the dream of most couples as they grow and get older together., a website that provides news about celebrity and human-interest stories, reported that the lovebirds successfully claimed the Guinness World Record title of the oldest married couple in the world. 


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The husband and wife have a combined age of 211 years old. John Henderson, 106, and his wife, Charlotte, 105, will soon celebrate their 80th anniversary on December 18. The reports say that the couple met as students at the University of Texas in 1934, where John was part of the football team and Charlotte was studying to be a teacher. 

Five years later, the couple got married on December 14, 1939, and for those who are familiar with classic cinema, it is the exact day that Gone With The Wind had its premiere. It is also said that John is currently the oldest living former University of Texas football player, and the happy couple has attended at least one game every year for the last 84 years. 


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During an interview, the husband shared a bit of advice for people who are looking for their happy ending. John suggests that one should live in moderation. “We never overdo anything. Eat well. Sleep well. Don’t overdrink. Don’t overeat and exercise regularly.” Meanwhile, Charlotte shared that staying in marriage helped them achieve their age today. They had a great time when John retired, and they traveled a lot of time.