Monday Night Football Black Cat Wanders Into Field; Makes Fans Swoon
Wed, April 21, 2021

Monday Night Football Black Cat Wanders Into Field; Makes Fans Swoon


If you’re a big football fan, chances are you’re already pretty excited when football season rolls around the corner — what about when it’s also made better by an unexpected guest? The Monday night football game was once again blessed with the presence of the black cat that went viral for running about in the field. 

According to news network CBS News, the cat was still apparently loose on the field for a second time during the Cowboys-Giants game at the MetLife stadium. 

It was a short-lived visit, however, and soon the cat, which lives near the stadium, eventually hightailed it out of there. 

The MetLife stadium put out a note on their Twitter account about the elusive black cat, which, up until now, they have been unable to locate. 


Photo Credit via MetLife Stadium on Twitter


The #BlackCat update read: 

“We set multiple humane traps throughout the stadium and searched long and hard for the Black Cat to no avail. At that point, we brought in our friends at PuppyKitty NYCity, a Trap, Neuter, Release (TNR) and no-kill shelter, to assist with the search. We are hopeful that together we can find the black cat that we all fell in love with Monday night.” 

They posted this on Tuesday morning, and from there had accumulated 1,900 likes and 600 comments. On a post by the New York Giants on Twitter, the cat running around in the field also garnered quite the attention, racking up 2 million views, 33,000 likes, and 11,000 comments. 

Many people worry that, when caught, the cat might be euthanized, but PuppyKittyNYCity clarified that they will only be assessing the cat and then sending it to a forever home after the assessment is done. They will still follow and support the TNR programs. 


Photo Credit via CBS Sports Network


MetLife said that cats are commonly seen around the complex and the Meadowlands Racetrack in the Sports Complex.



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