Teens Are Making History on TikTok — Literally
Sun, April 18, 2021

Teens Are Making History on TikTok — Literally


Whoever said having the internet now has only made already-gullible children may have been right, but only partially. On TikTok, teens are becoming surprisingly discerning of their history lessons, enough that they are able to simplify them into short-form memes. 


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To be fair, it’s not technically highly unusual to find these kinds of memes. Before the advent of video humor in the form of meme videos, history buffs and students were already cracking these kinds of jokes on sites like Tumblr and others just like it. 


The difference this time is that teens are not only able to simplify the admittedly boring topics in history and personify important historical moments, they're topping it all off by picking just the right song to describe the moment. 


These memes caught the notice of many after a thread by Nadia Jaferey went viral on Twitter. As of writing, the thread has already accumulated about 14,000 comments and has already been liked by 44,000 people. It includes everything from American history to world history. 


One such video was about the German occupation, made by @dontkickphilip on TikTok which personified the German Empire in 1914 and how they invaded Belgium. The user didn’t use a song to make the video hilarious, rather they mouthed words to an aggressive fight that, though was unidentified in the video, was probably from a reality TV show fight. 


Photo Credit via @dontkickphilip, @slaviccaesar, and @blasiankidcudi on TikTok


Watching the video is hilarious, and while there might still be some inaccuracies because of the short-form nature of the video, Izzy Jones, the writer’s old history teacher, says these simple but hilarious videos are examples of the youth these days actually knowing how to use these platforms effectively. 


There is no denying that there are still rather curious trends being perpetuated on the platform, but it is also a massive disservice to those of these teens who have cleverly used the platform’s penchant for song excerpts for comedic effect. 



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