New Expansions for Cards Against Humanity
Thu, September 29, 2022

New Expansions for Cards Against Humanity

Cards Against Humanity was released in 2011, with heavy influence from the popular 1999 card game "Apples to Apples." / Photo by: brett jordan via Flickr


What makes a party interesting? Some may say it's the booze or the music or probably the attendees, but others will likely tell you it's the games they play. Party games are fun to play since it helps people break the ice or simply inject new life to buzzed out partygoers—and Cards Against Humanity can do both.

The card game was released in 2011, with heavy influence from the popular 1999 card game "Apples to Apples." What made Cards Against Humanity highly successful is the humorous, albeit sometimes offensive and politically incorrect, jokes that players make while playing (which is the whole point of the game).

Expansions also help the card game keep people on their toes, and this year's expansions might even be more interesting—than the original game.

Adding the “Friends” Humor

Even after 15 years since its last airing, TV show "Friends" remains a staple in pop culture today. "Friends"-based merchandise is still selling, and a Cards Against Humanity pack is adding to that list.

First reported by People Magazine, "The One With All the Cards" expansion pack is filled with quotes and jokes that fans of the TV show will recognize—including the infamous "What are you doing to my sister?" line.

People Magazine is an American weekly magazine of celebrity and human-interest stories. Its online site provides the latest news about celebrities, royals, music, TV, and real people.

The pack includes a total of 90 black cards, 144 white cards, and blank cards that players can use to create their own cards. However, it should be noted that the expansion was created by a third-party shop and not Cards Against Humanity themselves, but players still enjoyed the game.

People Magazine cited one reviewer saying the game is perfect for any "Friends" fan, and even people who aren't fans of the show can still enjoy the game.

"At first you will want to finish the sentence on each card with the correct answer," the reviewer said. "That’s fun, but when you plan your game night you will play for hours. It was way more inappropriate than I had anticipated, but that was just a bonus!"

The A** Pack

Part of Cards Against Humanity's expansions is that they collaborate with individuals and organizations to create new decks. Some collaborations lead to donating the profits to projects or the organizations the company collaborated with.

Their latest collaboration is with American rapper Sir Mix-A-Lot, who helped create the A** Pack expansion. The company shared the news through a video that features the rapper, according to Comic Book Resources (CBR). CBR is an online site dedicated to providing content on comic-book related news and discussion as well as movies and TV shows.

In the announcement video, Sir Mix-A-Lot (whose real name is Anthony L. Ray) said he was chosen to be the official spokesperson for the expansion and he "officially endorses this quality product." He added that he wrote some of the newest cards, to which Cards Against Humanity confirmed in the frequently asked questions section of their website, CBR reported.

"Absolutely. It was awesome. He’s a great writer!" the company said, adding that the rapper was "SUCH a goofball. Very humble. Super nice," when asked what Sir Mix-A-Lot was like.

The A** Pack has 30 "juicy cards about butts" and is available for purchase online. Announcement for the expansion pack came along with the release of the 2000s Nostalgia Pack, which features 30 cards about "the decade that no one knows what to call it."

"The 2000s Nostalgia Pack comes with 30 new cards capitalizing on the surge of dopamine that floods your brain when you think about your childhood," the company said.

A Board Game Cafe

New decks aren't the only expansions that the "party game for horrible people" announced recently. Late last month, the brains of the card game company said they will be launching the Chicago Board Game Cafe in January 2020.

The company said the cafe will offer an "extensive dinner menu, full bar, hundreds of board games, and two escape rooms," as per a Newsweek report. Newsweek is an American premier news magazine and website that has been bringing high-quality journalism to readers.

It adds that the menu will feature "shareable, unfussy, and flavorful dishes that mix comfort food with novel flavors and ingredients" based on market and street cafes found in Spain, Mexico, and Vietnam. The cafe will also have a grand collection of over 300 games from around the world such as Scrabble, Monopoly, and of course, Cards Against Humanity.


Scrabble is one of the games that will be available in the Chicago board Game Cafe. / Photo by: Kamonchat Kotcharit via 123rf


"The gaming scene isn't necessarily known for being the most welcoming or inclusive community, but we really want to turn that on its head," Eric Garneau, the cafe's director of games and retail, said in a company statement.

"We think that games are for everyone, and we're really excited to teach people their first board game or run their first D&D campaign," he added.

The cafe will also have escape rooms for game enthusiasts who want to challenge themselves. These rooms include "The Last Defender," a thriller set in the Cold War, and the "Nova to Lodestar," a rescue mission between two stranded spaceships.