The Impact of AI On Maintaining Smart Home Installations
Wed, April 21, 2021

The Impact of AI On Maintaining Smart Home Installations

AI will impact remote service monitoring by improving to signal-to-noise ratio and more. / Photo Credit: Peshkova via Shuterstock


AI promises to improve our lives, making us better, stronger, faster, according to Henry Clifford of smart home publication Residential Tech Today. Clifford seeks to explore the impacts of AI in smart homes, especially in remote monitoring. 

Professional technology integrators are on the receiving end of “noise,” rendering noise monitoring tools worthless without undergoing a lot of custom configuration. Firms like VisibilityOne, a video conference monitoring platform, saw addressing signal-to-noise challenges “as paramount.” Von Bedikian, co-founder and COO of the company, narrated that they held a client video conference for more than 3,000 people— and they were disconnected. 

Thanks to their software, they found out that the problem’s root cause was the ISP, not Bedikian or anyone in the company. Solutions like VisibilityOne can monitor video connection quality, battery life, component temperature, and whether or not a device is on the network. These parameters help deliver more uptime for customers. 

Moreover, AI aids in the triage process of tech support, resulting in self-healing systems. AI can be trained to handle and execute routine tasks such as rebooting devices or serving as a “first layer of customer support” before the issue is handled by human tech support. One of Clifford’s fellow Parasol co-founders and the firm’s director of operations Ted Bremekamp stated, “We have a ‘Do No Harm’ rule similar to the Hippocratic Oath.” The secret? Practice. 

Scudo Labs developed Scudo Box, which utilizes a large database of “heartbeats” generated from hundreds of technology devices. When the Scudo box sees an Apple TV, a cable box, or any device failing, the Box can reboot it using a “virtual technician engine developed by their engineers.” 

Scudo Labs lead engineer Jason Blais observed that devices oftentimes don’t fail automatically rather, they fail as time passes. The company wants to reduce support calls and create revenue opportunities for integrators by anticipating product failures and proactively alerting its customers. Zendesk’s Answer Bot helps support professionals by bringing up suggested solutions based on emails or chats. It gets better each time using machine learning. 

There is a blossoming partnership between machines and humans, but we still have a long way to go. Founder and CEO of OneVision Resources Joseph Kolchinsky said, “Today’s support data aren’t clean enough to draw meaningful conclusions using AI.”