Sephora Garners Praise on Social Media for Ingenious Retail Idea for Customers With Social Anxiety
Sun, April 18, 2021

Sephora Garners Praise on Social Media for Ingenious Retail Idea for Customers With Social Anxiety


If you have social anxiety and have trouble socializing with people on a daily basis outside the comfort of your own home or behind your phone screen, going out shopping can be really nerve-wracking. 


To a normal person, a shopping trip is more or less just a low-risk in-and-out situation, but to someone with anxiety, every interaction is filled with things that could go wrong, even though they will most likely not happen. 


When shopping in malls, staff are usually tasked to offer assistance to customers. While it’s not the staff’s fault, some people with anxiety find these situations rather tedious and are usually uncomfortable with it. 


Sephora has devised a way to cater to both customers who appreciate a little help with their shopping and to those who are just walking around and are just window-shopping. In a now-viral image, baskets stacked atop each other are now color-coded; red for the customers who want a more involved shopping experience, and black for customers who are more comfortable perusing the aisles alone. 


While Sephora itself did not release an announcement about this little improvement in their stores, it was user Cami Williams on Twitter who took a picture of their basket racks, writing: 


Photo Credit via Cami Williams via Twitter


“There is a fellow introvert on the Sephora customer experience team who deserves A RAISE RIGHT NOW.” 


Those who saw the image also commented about their own anxious experiences in retail stores like Sephora and called for other companies and stores to follow Sephora’s lead. One user, though, illuminated how arduous the situation was for the staff as well, saying: 


Photo Credit via @jessica_is_mexo on Twitter


“Unfortunately in retail, your bosses are always badgering you to talk to 'improve' customer service. What I don’t understand is why managers don’t use common sense and realize it just annoys people and makes them leave quicker.” 



GiAnn Esgana

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