Cheetah Cub and Puppy Friendship Goes Viral 
Wed, April 21, 2021

Cheetah Cub and Puppy Friendship Goes Viral 


An unusual animal pair giving some love to each other has gone viral and people on the internet are having bittersweet feelings about them. 


According to Breaking, Ireland’s premier breaking news website, this unusual animal pair is cheetah cub Kris from the Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden, and her companion puppy Remus. 


The video that went viral on Facebook, captioned “BFF sleepover,” melted the hearts of the half-a-million people who viewed the adorable clip. As of writing, the post has already been reposted numerous times and is still circulating. 


This might seem like quite the odd pair considering Kris belongs to the big cat family and Remus is, well, a dog, but it actually serves a very important purpose. 


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In the wild, cheetah mothers would typically have litters of six, but not all of them make it. When this happens, cheetah mothers will usually just move on to breed some more, leaving the survivors to fend for themselves. And because Kris is the only surviving cub of his litter, he will need companionship as he matures. 


When this happens, cheetahs find it difficult to adapt to their environment as they have few siblings to connect to and socialize with. And so, zoos have decided to mimic that socialization that cheetah cubs had with their siblings in the wild, helping them mature into healthy adults. 


But what happens when the cheetah cub grows up? Do they get unhealthily attached to their companion dogs? Not really. Cheetahs are solitary animals, and Kris, like all her fellow cheetahs living in the wild, will naturally grow detached from Remus and live her own solitary life. 


Remus will then be transferred into a different home and will be adopted by a member of the zoo staff. 


Photo Credit via Roadtrippers


According to the Cincinnati Zoo, they have successfully been able to give their cheetahs full lives after six successful big cat and dog pairings. 



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