Highest-Paid Musicians of 2019
Fri, September 30, 2022

Highest-Paid Musicians of 2019

Taylor Swift is famous for being the voice of this generation. / Photo by: buzzfuss via 123rf


Queen Beyoncé herself once said that being nervous before the show was key. Not only because that was a completely human emotion to feel when one was in the middle of a stage facing millions of people, but also because for her, it was a sign that she was going to have a good show. 

“I get nervous when I don’t get nervous,” Beyoncé says, and it’s the perfect tool to use when it comes to performing. 

It’s probably these ideals that enshrined Beyoncé as one of the greats in the music industry and one of the ones who continue to make money in 2019. She is also joined by other industry heavyweights who continue to rack up cash from fans and album and show sales from their humble beginnings to recent times. 

Taylor Swift 

Income: $185 million

Taylor Swift, of course, is famous for being the voice of this generation. Ever since she came on the scene, we got to see her emotional journey and got to hear the growth that she has gone through via her music. It goes without saying that Swift is a powerhouse, an unstoppable force who speaks to multitudes and gives them voices at the same time. 

According to The Street, a financial news and financial literacy website, Swift is at the top of her game, as well as the music world, making “plenty of cash off all of her endeavors.” From assessment, The Street also states that most of the money she makes is from touring.

And if you’ve ever been on any of her tours, it’s not hard to see why she makes money the most that way. 

Kanye West 

Income: $150 million 

More than being an icon in the rap game, Kanye West is also a businessman in his own right. As “hip-hop’s highest-paid musician,” West’s influence is felt throughout the industry, but even outside the world of music, West is raking in the dough. 

West has a hand in the fashion and apparel department, too, selling clothes from his own line and partnering with Adidas to bring the world some Yeezys, the name of his apparel line. Through this line, he is able to “enjoy additional income off sales alone.” 


As “hip-hop’s highest-paid musician,” West’s influence is felt throughout the industry, but even outside the world of music, West is raking in the dough. / Photo by: buzzfuss via 123rf


Ed Sheeran 

Income: $110 million

Ed Sheeran might not have had the biggest star power when he started off but his versatility and understanding of the music that fits him and his style has brought him to the top, being on the same level as music industry veteran Kanye West and Taylor Swift. According to The Stacker, a website delivering entertainment, travel, sports, finance, lifestyle, and news stories, the growth of Sheeran’s online fanbase even before blowing up was also the key to his success since he’d been able to grow it since 2011 when he was signed in Atlantic Records. 

The Eagles 

Income: $100 million

Just like Swift, The Eagles are unstoppable forces in tours, which also happen to be their biggest moneymakers. According to The Street, The Eagles got most of their earnings from tours like “An Evening With the Eagles” which reportedly earned $3.5 million per show. The Stacker adds that The Eagles also earn $2 million on streaming services, combined with their best-performing albums that still resonate with fans today. 

This is seen through the sales of their “Greatest Hits (1971-1975)” album which is one of the “best-selling albums of all time, selling more than 26 million copies.” 

Elton John 

Income: $84 million

Everyone probably knows who he is, and if they don’t, it’s likely they know some of his hit songs, because who can forget Sir Elton John, “memorable dresser, and a truly original vocalist.” His influence and his skill has reached far and wide and continues to do so even now that he has announced his last tour. It is still ongoing, but fans all over the world are surely going to feel rather bittersweet when it finally ends. 

No matter, though, Sir John is still working on a Broadway production that his fans can surely support too. 


Income: $81 million

Another successful rapper, Jay-Z made the list for being one of the biggest names in hip-hop, not to mention being married to the queen Beyoncé has also endeared him to her fanbase. He’s also worked with big names in the industry during the first time he entered it in 1996, rubbing elbows with Mary J. Blige and even Notorious B.I.G. 


Income: $81 million 

Finally, it’s onto the queen of the Beyhive herself, Beyoncé. Though she’s technically on the same level as Jay-Z here, with both of them having $81 million, Beyoncé also made it into Wealthy Gorilla’s richest singers in the world list, garnering the fifth spot with $500 million to her name. 

To date, Beyoncé’s achievements prove just how much of a powerhouse she is in the industry, having an impressive 22 Grammy awards while at the same time being the most nominated person in the history of the Grammys.