What is A Day in the Life of An Influencer? 
Thu, April 22, 2021

What is A Day in the Life of An Influencer? 

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Because we typically only see a couple of photos a day, it can be really hard to connect your average influencer’s Instagram persona to what they go through to get that perfect shot. Are their lives just that eventful? Are they really that heartless to heavily edit photos of the perfect bedroom, the perfect breakfast, just for likes from people who definitely know they’re only half-real but still like it nonetheless? 


That was what Business Insider writer Paige Leskin set out to find out by working with Instagram influencer Courtney Seamon. What she realized is that a lot of things go into each perfect photo put up on the platform. 


On a regular day in New York, influencer Courtney Seamon would start her day fielding invites to events she carefully curates on the basis of whether or not it fits her brand. Most people assume that influencers go to these events regularly, and they do, but not to all of them. Seamon shares that since she gave up her job at Macy’s and jumped into influencing full-time, she has had to carefully choose which events are essential and aligned with her brand and which are just for “showing face.” 


Because the world of the influencer is filled with responsibilities to be connected into a network of other influencers, events like the Bed, Bath, and Beyond-hosted brunch Leskin went to with Seamon are part of those showing-face kinds of events. 


This does not take away from the fact that Seamon is still on the job to network, and so the rest of the event, Seamon spends by going around and talking to attendees, reading up about Bed, Bath, and Beyond products and making sure that she is as open as she can. After all, authenticity is what sells in the influencer world. 


“Consumers understand when they’re being fed sh*t. They like that you’re honest and when you’re real,” she says, which is the truest observation there is for this ever-growing industry. 


From there, it doesn’t end right away; all the other places she goes to after that brunch event will always have something related to her brand. For instance, she went to a one-on-one consultation with online-only shoe designer Sarah Flint, a shoe brand that Meghan Markle herself vouches for. After that visit, Seamon will then compile all the pictures she took for editing and for uploading in her Instagram stories.